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Greece Holidays

Greece has long held an irresistible allure, with its blend of myth, legend and remarkable beauty. Its famous hospitality certainly helps, with beaming smiles stretching across the mainland to the Ionian and Aegean Islands.

Holidays in Greece

Beach decorations blowing in the gentle wind. Views across Cameo Island, Zakynthos

Friendly locals and hearty dishes always seem to go hand in hand and Greece is no exception. Taverna menus are like long lists of local produce, served in stews, salads and more. Arrive later in the evening and you'll see the sociable side of Greek dining too, with meze dishes flying around the table as quickly as the conversation. It's no wonder that Greece Holidays are so popular!

Everyone's ideal beach is a little different, but luckily Greece covers all sandy and pebbly bases. Whether you long for a seemingly never-ending stretch and a romantic walk into the sunset, or a quiet cove for some overdue relaxation. It might be a family friendly stretch you crave or something completely unique, like a beach with pink sand or a shipwreck on the shore? History lovers will feel more at home discovering monuments that tell the tales of captivating mythology and life as it was in ancient Greece.


Warm and sunny throughout the year, you'll rarely see the temperature dropping below double figures in Greece. In the summer months of July and August the mainland and Greek islands can reach high into the 30°Cs in July and August, while the winter months are comfortably mild.

Things to do in Greece

Bright blue waters of Melissani Lake Cave, Kefalonia Melissani Lake Cave, Kefalonia

We'll get into those beautiful beaches and delicious dishes soon enough, but we just can't wait to tell you all about the history and stunning nature in Greece. This is a land where myth and legend are commonplace, with plenty of monuments to get stuck into! Peloponnese's Mount Olympia is the original home of the Olympic Games, with its story dating back to around 700 B.C. Events including chariot racing, foot races and wrestling were all in the event's DNA and still have importance to this day. While Crete's Knossos Palace is believed to be the site of the famous tale of Theseus and the Minotaur – another monument with a fascinating back story. There's so much history scattered across the Greek mainland and its islands, from ancient ruins to impressive acropolises and lots more.

There's something bewitching about a natural beauty! Coastal caves shaped by the swell of the sea, gorges carved by running water over a number of centuries – they're all handy reminders of how amazing Mother Nature really is. And it's as if she's smiled down upon Greece, favouring it with so many awe-inspiring sights. Cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, underground cave lakes, incredible limestone structures – we could go on forever…

Things to do in Greece

Best Beaches in Greece

Turquoise sea and limestone craggy cliffs at Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Like so many amazing beach holiday destinations, Greece is home to some truly idyllic shores. We're talking sands in shades of white and gold, waters that are so brilliantly blue and scenery wrapping around these beautiful coves and bays. But where Greece trumps its rivals is in the true one of a kind beaches it has to offer. Stretches shown in Hollywood blockbusters, bays where rusting shipwrecks sit on the sands, crushed shells that give a pink tinge to the shore. They might sound too good to be true, but seeing really is believing with so many. Although you don't have to head for these top draw sights, there's so many quiet coves, long stretches and pebbly bays that are just as alluring.

Best Beaches in Greece

Eating in Greece

Traditional blue and white decorated taverna.

If you've been to a Greek restaurant before then it's more than likely that you'll already have some favourite dishes picked out. But nothing beats the freshness and flavours of the real deal! Stifado, Kleftiko and Souvlaki, these meaty greats are so much heartier, more succulent and melt in the mouth when ordered in an authentic taverna. Dolmades are definitely worth trying more than once, with so many delicious combinations wrapped up in rolled vine leaves. If you consider yourself a sweet tooth then it would be a crime not to sample some Greek baklava, with lashings of syrup coating filo pastry and nuts. If you're an adventurous eater and just want to try everything, a meze lets you taste all these favourites in miniature. You won't be heading home feeling hungry and you'll more than likely have a new favourite dish by the time you set foot in the UK.

A local food market selling fresh produce

Shopping in Greece

Marvellous markets are scattered across Greece and all of its islands. Whether you're looking for a trinket that a loved one will adore or some tasty ingredients for some home from home cooking, it's well worth visiting a local market. Ceramics, leather and handmade jewellery are staples of many stalls, with crafty locals putting lots of love and time into these. Fresh fruit, locally produced honey and olive oil, herbs grown in nearby countryside – any budding chefs will love perusing the many delights on offer. The freshness of the scents might hit you before anything else, so you might end up following your nose to the nearest market. Although a colourful feast awaits the eyes once you step inside.

Driving in Greece

A traveller admiring the sunset and ocean views, standing next to their hire car.

There's just something about a road trip! Hopping behind the wheel of your hire car, heading off for the must-see sights or simply cruising around and stopping at whatever catches your eye. On the Greek Islands driving is an amazing way to see as much or as little as you want. You might even choose to explore the shores from top to bottom! Back on the mainland and it's take your pick between famous Greek cities. Peloponnese puts the capital city of Athens less than three hours away, ideal for a day trip that promises so much excitement. Halkidiki is just a short drive from the historic port city of Thessaloniki, with a Byzantine past and artistic flair – hosting an international film festival each year.

Man playing Traditional Mandolin at Greek festival

Festivals and fiestas

If there's one way to get a flavour for life as a local, it's to head for a Greek festival or event. Spread throughout the year, these are your chance to mingle with friendly Greeks, learn about local tradition and perhaps sample some regional delicacies. Patriotic Greeks celebrate the independence of the country and its Ionian islands, the stand against Italian invasion on Ochi Day and numerous religious festivals. Celebrate local style on your Greek Holiday.

We love Greece Holidays

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