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Self Catering Mallorca

The largest of the beloved Balearics, Mallorca has more than earnt its stripes as a tourist treasure. Whether you're a committed beach bum hell-bent on spending every possible second on the sand, or a devoted day-tripper who doesn't want to be restricted by dinner reservations – self catering in Mallorca is the key to keepings things carefree.

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Mallorca Self Catering Holidays

A local Mallorca market, selling a variety of fresh produce and cooking ingredients

Foodie Freedom

Wave adios to regimented breakfast buffets where everyone's beelining for the bacon and eggs. Say "so long" to mediocre hotel menus, lacklustre lunches and cramped seating arrangements. Early wake up calls and over-the-top dress codes are a far cry from the much needed R and R you signed up for… it's time to set things straight with a spot of self catering!

Freedom is the name of the game on a villa holiday, from barbecue bliss to private poolside dining, you'll be whipping up Mediterranean masterpieces and home favourites from the comfort of your villa kitchen before you know it. Feed the family for pocket-friendly prices or make the most of privacy and seclusion with a romantic meal for two, whatever culinary creations call to you – delight in uninterrupted down time with your nearest and dearest.

Romantic restaurant at sunset in Mallorca

A taste of the real Mallorca

Self catering is your meal ticket to an authentic Mallorca experience. The island is teeming with local markets, fishmongers and bakeries, where you can stock up on essentials and splurge on sugary treats (you are on holiday after all!) Wander the stalls where Spanish aromas waft enticingly through the air, inspiring your next gourmet triumph. Get to grips with traditional delicacies and artisan breads, where you'll get your hands on classic ensaïmadas and mouthwatering cocas – perfect for a midnight sugar-fix or mid-afternoon treat. With a mind-blowing 'earth to table' ethic, Mallorca mealtimes afford holidaymakers some of the freshest self catering experiences in the Mediterranean.

Whether cooking is your biggest passion, you're travelling with the world's fussiest eaters or you simply like to keep things as flexible as possible – the freedom of a kitchen that never closes means you can take menus into your own hands. Learn scrumptious new recipes or add Balearic twists to home favourites. A one-of-a-kind holiday keepsake, every time you tuck into the tasty dish you'll be reminded of an unforgettable getaway…

Eating out in Mallorca

A dark horse in the dining stakes, Mallorca brings its A-game straight to your plate with a winning concoction of traditional eats and international cuisine. For the days you don't fancy throwing on an apron, treat yourself to a taste of the local restaurant scene. It's what holidays are all about after all!

Tuck intro traditional tapas, where small sized servings make for guilt-free gastronomy heaven. Patatas bravas and calamari are menu regulars, while other classics are constantly being reimagined with new twists and modern touches. Bursting with flavour, the island is peppered with bars and restaurants offering the delectable dishes. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine on a balmy Balearic evening, you'll soon see Mallorca has you well catered for.

Explore Mallorca

The historic town of Valldemossa in Mallorca

Things to do in Mallorca

Beach-laced, mountain-graced landscapes are just the beginning of the idyllic island's charms. A holiday hit across all ages, there's never a dull moment on Mallorca's achingly beautiful shores. Whether you're trying to keep the kids entertained or you're a couple of culture vultures, Pollensa and Palma both have perfect day-trip potential. The iconic landmark of the La Seu cathedral dominates the capital's skyline and most definitely deserves a visit. Accessorised with over 60 stained glass windows and set in golden sandstone, it's a beautiful example of medieval mastery. Not to be outdone, the time-honoured town of Pollensa welcomes you to wander its cobbled streets and people watch in its pretty squares.

Energetic or easy going are both on the adventure agenda – so you can mix and match to your mood. Whether you're cycling the spellbinding coastal roads that lead to Cap de Formentor or trekking the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Serra de Tramuntana, there's something for everyone. From mountain highs to valley lows, visit the quaint villages that are scattered throughout the island's interior. Keeping their charm and character well and truly intact, here's your look behind the curtain of this Balearic beauty. If you're after a day out with a difference, head to the colossal cave system of Cuevas del Drach. Home of Europe's largest underground lake, you can even glide across the other-worldly waters on your very own boat tour.

Startling blue waters at Sa Calobra beach, Mallorca

Mallorca's Best Beaches

Wooing visitors with more than 250 beaches, catching rays and riding waves are all part of Mallorca's magnetic pull. The ultimate fly and flop destination, golden sands, craggy cliffs and startlingly blue waters provide a blissful backdrop to any holiday. Family favourites come in the form of Puerto Pollensa and Playa d'Alcudia, where you'll find all the bells and whistles for a hassle-free beach day. Stunning Sa Calobra is a bucket list must, framed by two soaring rock faces that jut seamlessly into the sky – it's a picture-perfect paradise and one of Mallorca's best beaches. Sunnies and swimwear at the ready, some travellers can't bear to tear themselves away from the towel… and who can blame them? A week or two of sun, sea and splash is a holiday cocktail we can get behind!

We love Mallorca self catering holidays

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