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Where's Hot?

Checking the weather forecast before anything else is a common symptom of sun-seeking jet-setters. Hot destinations and toasty temperatures are a non-negotiable for most holidaymakers, and who can blame them? Weeks of grey skies would take their toll on anyone!

Whether you're a dedicated beach bum or thrill-seeking nature lover, the promise of holiday paradise hangs in the air from January all the way through to December. From winter sun escapes to beach-based breaks and tempting tropical treasures, it's each to their own when it comes to optimum 'out of office' exploits. Action and adventure addicts may prefer off-peak climes and pocket-friendly prices, while guaranteed golden rays shine brightest in summer time.

Of course, there's no magic recipe for picking the perfect month to get away, but with 60 destinations boasting sun across the seasons, you're sure to find a match made in holiday heaven. Dive into our handy collection of 'Where's hot' guides below…

  • Hot Holiday Destinations

    There's not much that can beat the feeling of jetting off to a hot holiday destination! Whether you're chasing warm winter climes, or simply looking for a summer sizzler - there's plenty of places that'll cater for sun-seekers year-round.

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  • Where's Hot in January?

    If your January is normally spent daydreaming of your next sunny getaway, why wait!? Strike while the weather's hot in some of our destinations that bask in never-ending sunshine.

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  • Where's Hot in February?

    Say goodbye to those winter blues and swap your snow boots for flip flops! If you're wondering where's hot in February, look no further than the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean.

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  • Where's Hot in March?

    Spring is starting to taunt us with the promise of summer, but temperatures are barely making double figures. Grab yourself a slice of sunshine this March and jet off to hotter climes.

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  • Where's hot in April?

    Say hello to spring with a villa holiday! April showers are a distant memory when you jet off to stunning Cyprus of Sicily. Spend your days soaking up some glorious sunshine rays and making the most of these hot holiday destinations!

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  • Where Is Hot In May?

    Balmy climes, exotic beaches, blissful sunshine - seems like Summer is well and truly on its way! Here's our guide to help you find the perfect getaway for where is hot in May.

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  • Where's Hot in June?

    Summer is officially here! Grab the sun cream and head to these beautiful hand-picked destinations. Lounge on the golden beaches of Spain, dine on the finest Mediterranean cuisine in Menorca or explore the stunning natural beauty of Greece.

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  • Where's Hot in July?

    Treat yourself to some summer heat with our guide to where's hot in July. From beach breaks to sunshine escapes, you can't go wrong with toasty temperatures and your own private pool.

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  • Where's Hot in August?

    Wave goodbye to UK weather washouts and embrace gorgeous golden rays with a summer getaway, here's our go-to guide for where's hot in August.

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  • Where's Hot in September?

    Put autumn on hold and seize some extra sunshine! Temperatures are still sizzling and the sea is perfect for a dip. With a huge range of villas spread across some amazing destinations - all that's missing is you!

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  • Where's Hot in October?

    Your Autumn adventure is just waiting to begin! Escape the chill back home in one of our October warmers, find your perfect destination here.

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  • Where's Hot in November?

    Jet off for some winter sun and leave the rain, snow and cold behind! Just think how amazing that warmth on your skin will feel while it's gloomy back home. It's time to find out about November's top toasty destinations.

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  • Where's Hot in December?

    Winter is well underway and Christmas is just around the corner, but you're still busy daydreaming about the long lost summer sun. Swap chilly mornings for balmy evenings and escape to the Caribbean or Canary Islands this December.

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