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There's nothing quite like a villa holiday! If you've not been on a villa adventure before, we're about to show you just what you're missing. If you're an old hand, perhaps you just need a little reminder of how amazing all that freedom is? Or maybe you're just searching for a destination that ignites your holiday fire? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it waiting just below. All aboard for our villas abroad!

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Villa Holidays Abroad

Dining room of Villa Sunset in the Algarve, Portugal

Why Choose a Villa Holiday?

Unrivalled privacy, all the freedom you could ever want and comforts that really make you feel welcome – what's not to like? And on top of all that you'll have your very own private pool! This is your holiday home from home.

Quality Time

Are your getaways are all about those special moments shared with loved ones? Laughter booming while enjoying the simple things, splashing around together or just sitting down for a sunset feast. In the privacy of your villa, a little extra magic seems to get sprinkled over these cherished times. The laughs are louder with nobody else around, the splashing hits new heights in a pool that you rule and the dinners taste more delicious as you prepare them together.

Home Comforts

If the thought of tasty feasts left your mouth watering, it might be time to talk about your villa kitchen! Forget about when breakfast will be finishing, or being told what time you'll be having your evening meal – you'll be making all the dinner decisions and menu selections here. Best of all, you can whip up whichever foods you're craving or cook up some home favourites! And for those evenings when you just don't feel like cooking, tuck into some local treats at a nearby restaurant. You're on holiday after all…

There's plenty more home comforts waiting behind your villa doors too! Where better for a lazy evening than your lounge? And restful slumbers are made easier with comfortable beds – you might even chose a villa with air conditioning or a room with sea views from the moment you wake up. We take care of all the little things, so you can simply concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

Woman closing boot of hire car on villa holiday

A private pool and sunloungers reserved just for you

Once you lock eyes on your private pool, there's usually only one thought that enters your head! The swimwear is the first item out of your case, you're changed in a flash and making a splash in a matter of minutes. And who can blame you? This is your pool, one that you won't have to share with anyone else. Dipping your toes, jumping in and leisurely swims – see what tickles your fancy. You make all the pool rules here! You won't have to make a mad poolside dash to grab a sunlounger either. They're all yours too, so you can head down to the pool whenever you feel like it.

Pssst… there's plenty of pools to pick from too! Whether your tastes lean towards modern infinity styles, you want to take a supersized swim in a larger pool or you need a gated pool for your little ones – we've got you covered with a whole host of splash happy options.

Freedom to Explore

Who doesn't love a voyage of discovery? Setting off to quench your thirst for adventure. The good news is that on your villa holiday, you call all the shots when it comes to exploring. You can come and go whenever you like, perfect for early birds, night owls and those who love leaving the nest in the midday sun. From villas by the beach to those in the heart of the action, you can choose what you'll find waiting on your doorstep! And adding a hire car means you can set off on exciting day trips, tours where you team up as driver and navigator and expeditions to exciting faraway sights. Grab your keys and do as you please!

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Choose from more than 60 Destinations

From the Algarve to Zakynthos and Antigua to Zurrieq, we've got an A to Z of destinations for you to choose from. Maybe there's a letter that suits you better? Check out Cyprus, fall for France, let Turkey tickle your fancy – the choice is endless! Whether you're craving some winter warmth, or you're looking forward to some summer sunshine, we've got year-round destinations with your name on!

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We Love Villas Abroad

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