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Holiday Resorts

The freedom to choose how much or how little you do – that's the luxury that you just don't get in everyday life. Toes dipped in the pool, or a fully packed schedule of activities… a Holiday Resort offers balance. The choice is yours.

Holiday Resorts

Our Holiday Resorts

Three surfers with surf boards about to step into the waves of the Silver Coast, Portugal

Wellness means something different to all of us. For some it's a digital detox and shutting off the outside world, to others it may be filling the itinerary with lots of activities, or even just simply a bit of pampering.

A villa holiday by its very nature brings relaxation. Think no set meal times and no early starts to secure a sunlounger. Bliss! But even on a long awaited holiday, many of us can take a day or two to truly switch off and leave daily tensions behind. Sometimes, there's nothing more stressful than doing nothing as you try to unwind!

So if a little extra something is needed to help find that "I'm on holiday" headspace, a Holiday Resort could be your happy place. With the privacy of a villa, plus first class hotel style facilities right on your doorstep, this is having your cake and eating it too.

Vitamin C

"The waves of the sea help me get back to me". The beach is a true place of relaxation, where the best ideas are formed and reflection comes with ease. Hand in hand, you reconnect with your other half, strolling along at sunset with the sand inbetween your toes. Sit back and watch the kids laughing away as they make a sandcastle to rival all sandcastles.

A young woman on a massage table receiving a back massage in a modern spa

Sand and surf are on your doorstep at Praia D'el Rey Golf & Beach Resort, which literally translates as 'Beach of the King', so grab your bucket and spade. The green meets the sea here, with sweeping pine forests and sand dunes rolling into the Atlantic. Beach volleyball will have you diving across the sand as you take on your family with a bit of healthy competition. At less than one hour from Lisbon, why not mix up some city sightseeing with those all-important lazy beach days?

Refresh and recharge

Turn that spa day into a spa week. If the very thought of putting on a fluffy robe, being served a fruity tea and awaiting your massage appointment gets you feeling zen, then indulge with world class spa facilities. From facials and pedicures, to body wraps and reflexology, the Domes of Elounda Holiday Resort in Crete is the home of pampering. If that's not enough, the Turkish Baths offer a day of de-stressing while a yoga class can help ease your mind. Even on a family holiday, say yes to being pampered! Kids clubs on-site keep little ones entertained while you treat yourself to some downtime.

Modern, plush seating area at the Sun Gardens Resort in Dubrovnik

Eating to your heart's content

Whether it's dad sizzling the vegetable kebabs on the barbecue or your child discovering they actually do like olives on pizza – a villa holiday creates foodie memories like no other. Take a stroll to the resort's supermarket and pick up fresh produce to enjoy al fresco in the balmy evening air, where conversation flows and screen time is forgotten.

For those days where you fancy taking a break from the kitchen, you'll find more than enough to suit your taste buds at the resorts' many restaurants or cafés – the Sun Gardens Resort in Dubrovnik offers no less than 16 dining options. And for those wound down evenings watching the sun set, cocktail and wine bars will help you raise a glass to your laid-back holiday without the need for a taxi back home.

The driving range at Pine Cliffs Holiday Resort in the Algarve, Portugal

Keeping active

Sitting poolside is a real treat, but a burst of activity helps obtain peace of mind. Breaking a sweat reduces stress, after all. Swim, take up a game of tennis, or finally find that spare afternoon to have a round of golf – take your pick of activities to get your blood pumping and those endorphins released. You can even organise a personal trainer at some resorts to make sure you'll be heading home healthy and revitalized. And everything is in walking distance. So if you prefer not to drive, keep those step numbers on your pedometer high.

For those who just can't keep still, Pine Cliffs Holiday Resort in the Algarve covers 72 acres with facilities ranging from its immaculate nine hole golf course to tennis academy. Its free of charge gym is expertly equipped too. Don't forget to pack your trainers!

Our Holiday Resorts

Golf courses, spas, gyms, kids clubs and much more can be found on our 55 Holiday Resorts across 21 destinations – and there you have the building blocks for a wellness escape.

Each Holiday Resort is unique, so choose the perfect fit for you based on those must have facilities. This is more than just a place to stay!

We love Holiday Resorts

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