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Children in Lockdown

We here at James Villas are big advocates of the family holiday. A villa holiday allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones, away from the day-to-day stress of work or school. Often family holidays are the highlight of the year for both adults and children, but with restrictions in place, 2020 was a tough year for children in the UK. Lockdown affected their daily lives in ways they'd never experienced before, and in a way we hope they will never experience again.

2020 Brought Families Together

Working with YouGov, we surveyed children in UK to find out their thoughts on 2020 and how it differed to a more normal 2019. The results were insightful. For as much as 2020 removed many norms for children, it also gave them the gift of time with their parents. 76% of children have said they spent more time with their parents or guardians, compared with 2019. Giving them time to talk to their families, play cards and games, eat breakfast together, grow plants in the garden, watch shooting stars and have water-fights. Much of this is down to work/life balance. The survey found that 61% of parents worked from home more in 2020, compared with the prior year.

Treasured Memories

Children spent more time watching TV and online videos, playing video games and generally being inside the house, but none of these things were mentioned in their favourite memories of 2020. They talked about family barbecues, going for walks with their parents, baking together and family movie nights.
When asked, the majority of children said they think they will go on holiday in 2021. Their top destinations are The UK (38%), Spain (12%), France (8%), Greece (6%), USA (6%) and Italy (4%).

Extended Holidays and Working From Home

Given that work/life balance has been addressed in 2020, this year may offer opportunities for families to build extra special memories on their holiday. We are delighted to be able to offer short and long term villa rentals for those who are looking for an extended holiday, a base to work-from-home or perhaps even to make up for the lost opportunity of winter in the sun. Discounts are available for stays of 28 days and over.

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