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How to protect your skin and hair

Holiday season is right around the corner! Along with switching boots for flip flops and jumpers for swimsuits - it’s also time to start thinking about changing your hair and skincare routines to keep them looking their best – especially before and during exposure to hot sun, chlorine and salt water. Making changes to your skin and hair routine doesn’t have to start when you land in your holiday destination, it’s never too early to prepare! Which makes this the perfect time to share our holiday hair and holiday skin tips in partnership with Jen, author of A Beauty Junkie in London, to make sure you stay protected and look fabulous all Summer long.

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Holiday Skin Tips


Prepare your skin before your holiday

  1. Take a supplement to help prepare your skin for sun exposure. It doesn’t replace sun protection, but it helps skin to develop its own natural protection and coping mechanism. Every little bit of extra helps keep skin at its best whilst you enjoy the Summer.

  2. Before you go, give your body a thorough pre-holiday scrub. Follow with daily application of a rich hydrating moisturiser or body oil for a couple of weeks ahead of your holiday. Apply at night so it can hydrate whilst you sleep. Letting your skin get into the best possible condition ahead of the sea/sun/pool drying it out.

A girl putting sun cream on her dad's face

Protecting your skin in the sun

  1. When on holiday always apply sun cream before you go outside. If you do it when you’re already at the pool or beach you’re already risking sun exposure and are less likely to be concentrating on applying it properly, so areas are likely to be missed like around straps, right up to hairline or close to your swimsuit/shorts.

  2. Make sure the sun cream products and other lotions you use have sun protection that is described as ‘broad spectrum’, so it protects from both UVA and UVB. It’s UVB that burns but UVA that causes the long term ‘deeper’ damage that might not be visible, but it’s just as dangerous!

  3. Re-hydrate at night with an intensive after-sun treatment for both your face and body. Go for a ‘triple threat’ by using a moisturising bath or shower product plus a body after-sun and one for the face. Make sure you also top up from the inside by drinking lots of water (in between the mojitos…).

Holiday Hair Tips

A lady preparing her hair

Hair preparation before you arrive

  1. Get started with the hair TLC pre-holiday with regular hydrating masks and treatments to make sure it’s in the best condition possible ahead of the damage happening. Use a protein based treatment to ensure the structure of your hair is as solid as possible.

A mum cuddling her daughter in a towel by the pool

Looking after your hair on holiday

  1. When on your holiday, use a product to protect both your hair and scalp. One of the areas most prone to damage and burning is the scalp, so double up your hair protection with a UV spray and even go as far as applying your SPF directly to the parting and scalp.

  2. Wet your hair before you go into the sea or pool to try and avoid any green-hair chlorine moments! Hair is very porous, especially if coloured, so if you wet it with clean water before you swim it is less likely to absorb the sea or pool water.

  3. When away, it’s worth swapping your regular conditioner for a deep conditioner to give it some extra love after days of sea water and sunshine, keeping hair hydrated and silky.
    Pair the conditioner with a special shampoo designed to remove chlorine and salt water.

  4. It’s worth following with a leave in oil care product to help keep it supple and smooth - this can help avoid any humidity frizz too. If you can, let hair dry naturally to give it a breather from the heated tools!

These holiday hair and holiday skin tips will help you to feel and look your most bronze-beach-goddess like all summer long, especially when you're jetting off to lounge by a private pool in your own villa in one of James Villas fabulous destinations.

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