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Wildlife Watch

From budding wildlife enthusiasts, to those planning an exciting day of animal-spotting with the kids – get back to nature on holiday. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or hiking in the forests, catch a glimpse of the creatures who call that part of the world home. Here are just some of the animals to encounter when travelling to some of our favourite destinations.

Eurasian Lynx peering into the distance in a Croatian forest

White Storks in The Algarve

Protected and revered in Portugal, you'll spot these beautiful birds and their nests high up on chimneys and telegraph poles. So don't forget to pack your binoculars! Discovering the White Stork perched on the roof of your villa would also be a sign of good luck. Just like us, storks prefer warmer climates. So in winter why not watch as thousands migrate and capture the stunning view as they soar in the skies above?

Eurasian Lynx in Croatia

Want to feel at one with nature? Then leave the stunning Dalmatian shoreline behind and discover Croatia's big cat – the Eurasian Lynx. Native to Europe and Asia, this solitary creature will have you feel like your very own nature show presenter as you hide behind bushes to sneak a glance. Recognised by their ruff face fur and short tails, these forest felines feast on mammals and birds. With incredibly secretive natures, you'll feel that finding the Eurasian Lynx is a real game of cat and mouse.

Maltese 5 Cent coin showing the outline of a crab

Freshwater Crabs in Malta

This little guy is somewhat of a celebrity in Malta. Once taking centre stage on their old 5-cent coin, the Maltese freshwater crab (known as qabru) is now endangered. If lucky enough, you'll spot these greenish-grey creatures wherever there is fresh water, no matter what time of year. As you enjoy a glass or two after sunset, this carnivorous crab will be tucking into his dinner of a tadpole or any smaller animal he can get his claws into, so keep a lookout for these precious creatures.

In focus shot of a wall lizard looking into the distance

Wall Lizards in Ibiza

Ibiza's wall lizard is just as energetic as the island's nightlife. Found in and outdoors, you may find these small, fast creatures flash under your feet as you relax in the comfort of your villa. As you get a glimpse, you'll first notice its long tail, attached to a rounded body. Varying in species, their striking colours of green and brown makes them easy to spot as they scurry past. One things for sure though, these funny lizards are harmless and will add amusement to your day!

Cypriot Mouflon with curved horns looking into the camera

Mouflon's in Cyprus

As you soak up the Cyprus sun, take a trip to Paphos Forest and spot their largest mammal – the Cyprus Mouflon. Make sure to pack your hiking boots as these wild sheep live high on the mountains, perfect for an early morning workout! Very shy and agile, these animals are quick-moving so take care when walking nearby. Although mouflons are found in various Mediterranean countries, this species is exclusive to Cyprus.

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