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Walking Holidays

Get ready, we're going to stretch our legs and take a brisk walk to some of our favourite hiking destinations. From beginners with brand new boots to experienced trekkers with well-worn footwear, there's a route for everyone here! Easy ambles, tiring trails – take your pick, they all come with a healthy dose of fresh air and amazing scenery. Getting back to nature has never felt so good!

View from the path of Gods, Italy

The Amalfi Coast

Blessed with truly stunning scenery, 'wow' moments seemingly wait around every turn on Amalfi Coast walking routes. You can be hiking through mountain scenery, when suddenly a charming town comes into view. And you might be enjoying a cobbled street, when the whiff of lemon groves and vineyards sends your senses into overdrive. Will curiosity lead you on a hiking detour? Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just need to see if someone is making some sweet homemade lemonade!

Strolls between nearby towns are ideal for beginners and those who need less challenging routes. You still get plenty of that amazing scenery, but you'll know that there's a bar or restaurant chair waiting for your weary legs. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is that there's no path too difficult, some are simply steeper than others. Sorrento is a lot flatter than nearby Amalfi and Positano, where the Path of the Gods feels like a route worthy of its name. With its rocky cliffs, forest greenery and traditional houses, it's the best of Amalfi walking all on a single path. The stretch between Agerola and Nocelle is one of the most stunning, sandwiched between charming towns.

Mountain Peaks of Pica Do Ariero, Portugal


If you're crazy about hiking, then you'll be living levada loca with a walking adventure on Madeira! Famous for its levada walks, these water channels wind their way through some of the island's most staggering landscape. Dense greenery and emerald canopies wrap around these trails, with those passing through a Laurisilva forest a true treat. These tropical trees are found in just a handful of places across the world, exotic hiking here we come!

These shaded walks are just the ticket for leisurely explorers, but if you fancy a challenge there's only one place to be – up in the clouds. Madeira's highest peaks soar up towards the sky, cutting through that brilliant blanket of white on cloudy days. The six kilometre trail from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo is filled with ups and downs. You'll ascend and descend several times as you head from the island's third highest point to the mother of all Madeiran peaks. This is no easy feat for tired feet, especially as you'll have to make the same trek back to the starting point. But nothing worth having comes easy and this is a truly rewarding walk! Mountainous Madeira, lush valleys and sea views create picture perfect views as you hike, not to mention those dark and rocky tunnels you'll pass through on your travels.

Man hiking along the Lycian Way, Turkey


Underrated, underestimated and a little off the walking tourists radar – Turkey should be high on your holiday hiking list! Especially if your compass occasionally steers you towards gorgeous beaches and pockets of culture. The Lycian Way offers 540km of staggering trails to discover! Although we're not expecting you to walk it all. This coastal route kicks off in Fethiye, close to our Dalaman Region villas, and luckily some of the finest sights sit close to the start.

Oludeniz Beach is one of the first sights you'll see, with its wonderful blue lagoon glistening in the Turkish sun. Be warned, this is a mesmerising natural beauty. So beautiful it might even tempt you down before you've taken a single step. Perhaps allow yourself a quick glance and make a mental note to visit another day. March on and Butterfly Valley awaits, gold, blue and green sitting between the towering rocks. This is the kind of view that you'll struggle to pull yourself away from, so just enjoy the scenery and rest those feet for the walk back. A brief stop here is good for your soul and soles. The big sights will leave a big impression, but it's those little touches of local life that might live longer in the mind. Beekeepers hard at work, thirsty natives slurping delicious tea and Turkish villagers going about their daily life, against a backdrop of traditional buildings. Authentic Turkey is all yours on the Lycian Way.

Wooden walkway through Plitvice Lakes


Your walking holiday in Croatia is whatever you want it to be! And that's the beauty of slipping your hiking boots on here. Hard slogs to mountain peaks, leisurely coastal strolls and enchanting ambles through national parks – it's got it all. The Biokovo Mountains give you those tricky inclines and wonderful views, although beginners and experienced hikers alike will find something to love here. Vineyards and olive groves make the lower slopes a real treat, while those higher peaks promise sea and island views. Sveti Jure is the tallest, with its charming chapel adding some Croatian character to those panoramas. There's nowhere better for tailoring trails to your ability and confidence. Strong hikers can head from bottom to top, while the less experienced can park up in mountains villages and parking spots – making routes more manageable.

If it's the sound of scenery that had your mind wandering off to hiking paradise, be sure to tick off a Croatian national park. Plitvice is the pick of the bunch for many, with eight different trails to get stuck into. Some last as long as eight hours, so be sure to get there early if you're feeling adventurous. Carving a course past waterfalls, round lakes and across fairytale bridges, you won't forget these sights in a hurry.

We Love Walking Holidays

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