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Top 10 Beaches

Picking your favourite beaches is a lot like creating a playlist of your most-loved songs. It's hard to narrow it down to just 10! Each one sings to you in a different way. The waves crash to their own beat, every breeze tingles the ear at a different tempo and every stretch of sand has your feet moving to a different rhythm. After some fine-tuning, we've managed to pick out a selection of our favourites.

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A golden spit of sand stretches across brilliant blue waters in Brac, Croatia

Zlatni Rat – Brac, Croatia

If it's a fairytale beach you're after, then Zlatni Rat deserves to be crowned the fairest of them all. A golden spit whose ever changing character is shaped by the wind and waves, walking along it's pebble shore you'll be surrounded by the electric blue of the Adriatic Sea. In the heat of the Croatian sun, seek shade in the pines that offer a cool retreat and you may even discover an ancient Roman villa. Or with sunloungers to hire or a beach towel to sit on, sit back and relax and enjoy the views to Hvar and beyond.

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Porto Timoni's twin beaches surrounded by rugged rocky hills covered in trees and azure turquoise waters

Porto Timoni – Corfu, Greece

Like two children fighting for their parent's attention, it's hard to pick a favourite from Porto Timoni's twin beaches. Chances are you'll love each one equally! Separated by a row of trees, these golden bays glisten in the Greek sun. There are no facilities here, it's island beauty at its simple best. So make sure you've loaded up on snacks, suncream and supplies before you begin the walk from the nearby clifftop village of Afionas. As you make your way back up those paths, you'll find yourself turning around for one last look.

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Benagil Cave with sunlight cascading through the hole in the roof on to the golden beach below

Benagil Cave - Algarve, Portugal

A golden beach lies in wait for those who enter this intriguing sea cave. A natural work of art carved by Mother Nature, Benagil is breathtakingly beautiful. 'The Eye' in the roof shines a sunny spotlight on the fine sand, showing you the way to secluded paradise. Lay back and enjoy the curving archway entrances, which become rocky frames to wonderful waves from your new perspective. Sail in and out of the cave by boat, or paddleboard your way to this sheltered paradise. Complete this ultimate beach day with a walk along the cliffs, where you can take in the beautiful views of Praia de Benagil's main stretch of sand.

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Towering rock formations and sparkling seas at Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Cala Goloritze – Sardinia, Italy

Getting caught between Goloritze's towering rock formations is a sight to behold! The sea sparkles in its wonderful shade of Sardinian blue and the sun beaming against those shining whites of sand and stone. It might be a little hard to reach, but this natural beauty is worth the extra effort! Around an hours hike from car to sand, you'll find seclusion that's shared with only the most dedicated beachgoers.

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Palm trees line the powder-white sands of Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay – Barbados, The Caribbean

Palm trees swaying in the sea breeze and white sand that feels like soft pillows on the soles of your feet - Bottom Bay is like that Caribbean daydream you've always clung to. But even better than you've imagined. Cliffs enclose part of the beach, adding a secluded feel and relaxing vibe. Bottom Bay feels like your own deserted island. Don't worry about searching for your dinner, this is a popular picnic spot. Why not stock up on some goodies to tuck into? You don't have to take the deserted island experience too far.

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Shipwreck beach and smuggler's cove at Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos, Greece

Shipwreck Beach, Smuggler's Cove – Navagio goes by many names, each hinting at what lies enclosed in its towering limestone cliffs. A ship ran aground here in the 1980s, as Greek naval vessels chased smugglers in bad weather. Today its wreck is a rusty beacon among the white and blue, a truly unique coastal spectacle popular with photographers. Grab your camera and set course for this hidden wonder, which is only accessible by boat.

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Sa Calobra in Mallorca, framed by towering rocks and blessed with beautiful pebble sands

Sa Calobra – Mallorca, The Balearic Islands

Sa Calobra is a gorgeous rose between two rocky thorns, a gorgeous beach at the end of a gorge – something special! Excitement builds as you stroll through the cliff face tunnel and suddenly you're in beach disbelief! Catching your first glimpse of the pebbly sand sitting between towering rocks, the shimmer of magnificent turquoise seas winking at you just beyond. And with the Torrent de Pareis river running through the shore, this beach is like nothing you've seen before.

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Brilliant blue crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, Comino

Blue Lagoon – Comino, Malta & Gozo

'Good things come in small packages' rings true for visitors to Comino. Sandwiched between Malta and Gozo you'll find this little island and its jaw-dropping Blue Lagoon. The white sands are just the spot to rest between swims in the crystal clear turquoise water. You'll be feeling anything but blue as you snorkel and sunbathe, although it might be a different story when it comes to leaving this mini-paradise…

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Lush vegetation and rocky headlands shelter the blissful little bay of Cala Macarella, Menorca

Cala Macarella – Menorca, The Balearic Islands

Gentle waves glisten in the Balearic sun, the white sand is ever so inviting, and pine-covered cliffs wrap around the cove. Macarella is Menorcan charm at its finest! The beach itself is small, letting the amazing waters take centre stage. On the colour chart of perfect beach blues, Macarella sits somewhere between 'summer sky' and 'electric turquoise'. And with its mini me of Macarelleta just along the shore, there's nowhere better to seas the day.

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Wide golden sands and rolling hills and mountains are all part of unspoiled Lara Beach in Cyprus

Lara Beach - Cyprus

A breeding ground for protected turtles, you'll find Lara Beach just as nature intended. Calm and tranquil, it's perfect for laid-back beach lovers and nature's finest creatures alike. You won't find beach umbrellas or sunbeds, so just sit back and enjoy seclusion and space on this long curving bay. With clear waters and gently sloping sand, a dip here is a real treat. The call of the sea will be too tough to resist…

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    Have these stunning sands sparked your wanderlust? There's more where that came from! Here's some of our favourite beach holiday destinations.

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