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5 Most Relaxing Beaches in Europe

When it comes to holiday relaxation, it just doesn't get much better than a day at the beach. You find that perfect spot on the sand and set up for some towel tranquility. Wriggle a little groove into the soft sand beneath and you're as comfortable as can be! You're all set, time for a sunbathing snooze or digging into a good book. Here's the inside scoop on Europe's 5 most relaxing beaches.

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Europe's most relaxing beaches...

Li Cossi Bay beach and cliffs in Sardinia

Pick the wrong beach and who knows when your page turner will be interrupted by screaming kids, a wave of tourists or some  kind of beach sports tournament kicking off dangerously close to your head. How can you relax with the worry of a ball or Frisbee flying around!? Here's a few tranquil beaches for you to get stuck into. And with each as wonderful as the last, you'll be scrolling with the same enthusiasm as one of those unputdownable holiday reads. Just remember to keep them a secret! We don't want the crowds crashing your relaxation party.

Li Cossi Bay, Sardinia

It's no wonder Li Cossi has managed to fly under the radar. A wall of cliffs wraps around its gently curving beach, sheltering it from huge crowds and strong winds. You'll often see it referred to as an amphitheatre and the bay certainly puts on a show fitting of this title. The river Li Cossi runs along the back of the beach, although the star performer is without doubt the crystal clear sea water. It might sound like a cliché, but seeing is believing and you'll be seeing all the way to the seabed here. So whether it's a relaxing dip or a spot of snorkelling, you'll love your time in the water. Dry off in the Sardinian sun and be sure to stop at a viewpoint to grab a snap of this remarkable beach. Just don't share it too readily – this is a hidden gem after all!

St. Peter's Pool, naturally swimming pool in Malta

St. Peter's Pool, Malta

Techincally it's not a beach, but you'll find everything you love about sandy days at St. Peter's Pool – other than the sand. If you're a little sceptical, give us a chance to twist your arm. Its brilliantly white rocks are almost perfectly flat and sunbathers just love laying out their towels here. These rocks definitely don't feel like a hard place! And then there's St. Peter's Pool, the natural swimming spot sparkling away among the cliffs. A dip in these turquoise is refreshing, relaxing – whatever you want it to be. A favourite for Maltese locals, you won't find lots of tourists this far off the beaten path. Make sure you bring all those snacks and drinks too, there's nothing but natural beauty waiting for you here.

Caló des Moro beach in Mallorca

Caló des Moro, Mallorca

Small and mighty, Mallorca's Des Moro might not have a lot of sand but it's so beautiful that you probably won't mind! Flanked by cliffs, its electric turquoise waters wind their way around these on their journey out to sea (we did mention that it was beautiful). Swimming and snorkelling are the biggest draw here, so dive in and see for yourself. Not as hidden as it once was, you'll find more tourists joining the locals here. But arriving early still gives you that secluded feel that's ideal for some rest and relaxation.

Maro Beach. Andalucia

Its sand might be darker than our other quiet spots, but not all that glitters is gold when it comes to beaches! And with a velvety layer of greenery decorating its cliffs, Maro has more than a splash of colour. Pop on your snorkelling equipment and plenty more vibrant shades are waiting for you. Rocky areas sit just offshore, perfect for spotting fish and everything else that waits beneath the waves. With a bar, restaurant and beach umbrellas, this is very much a quiet spot with everything you could ever need for a relaxing day on the Andalucian coast.

Natural rock pools of Praia da Ingrina in the Algarve, Portugal

Praia da Ingrina, the Algarve

The perfect quiet beach for grown ups and little ones, Ingrina finds just the right balance between relaxation and entertainment. And when we say entertainment, we don't mean noisy watersports that disturb your much-craved tranquillity. Kayak's glide through the water here and stand up paddle boards float along the blue waves. Although you might hear the occasional splash from first timers and those struggling for balance. If your little ones are curious and inquisitive, explore the rock pools together – they'll love searching for little beach critters. These leisurely activities are just the ticket for days when you need to unwind, but you still might work up an appetite on this Algarve beauty. A restaurant overlooks Ingrina, peering through palm trees at the sheltered golden sand. With an exotic feel and tasty treats, you'll love the views just as much as what's on your plate. And despite all of this Ingrina sits just far enough off the tourist radar, so you're never fighting for space on beach days here.

The sandy fun doesn't have to stop here! We've got plenty more beach holiday inspiration for you, from best beaches to just finding your ideal villa for a beach getaway.

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