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2021 Holidays

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for 2021 holiday insider tips and bucket list inspiration! Powder-white sands, crystal-clear waters, swaying palm trees… what picture do you conjure up when you're deep in holiday daydreams? Sun, sea and sand are a staple for summer scorchers, while winter breaks are the perfect excuse to swap snow boots for flip flops. With 60 swoon worthy destinations waiting in the wings to whisk you off your feet, choose between beach side beauties, tropical treasures or historical honeypots.

Holidays come in all shapes and sizes, from fun-filled family adventures to 'more-the-merrier' large group getaways. Once you've checked off all your destination tick boxes, choose between 3000 heavenly home-from-homes to call your own. From villas that suit families down to the ground to secluded sweet spots where couples can escape in style. It's never too early to start planning your 2021 holiday. After all, the countdown to balmy climes and much-needed sunshine is all part of the fun…

If you've never tried a villa holiday before – there's no time like the present! Villa doubters will soon become villa devotees with one glance at their private pool and spacious living areas. Plus there's plenty of freedom and flexibility thrown in for good measure. From splash-happy shenanigans to cooking up a feast on the barbecue, we've taken care of all the little things so you're free to enjoy quality time with loved ones. A 2021 holiday with James Villas is your ticket to a slice of first-class paradise… so what're you waiting for? Jet set, go!

  • 2021 Winter Sun

    Wave goodbye to cold climes and slide into your flip flops instead! From island paradise in the Caribbean to golden shores in Cyprus, 2021 is the perfect time for some much-needed winter sun!

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  • 2021 Summer Holidays

    It's never too early to plan your dream summer holiday. From the magic of Orlando to the golden shores of the Algarve, 2021 is set to be your best summer getaway yet!

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  • 2021 Villa Holidays

    Exotic beach escapes or adventures in nature? City breaks or secluded sanctuaries? Whatever your dream getaway looks like, do it in style with a 2021 villa holiday.

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