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2019 Villa Holidays

Planning your 2019 villa holiday starts here. You'll feel the buzz of excitement as you begin piecing together an incredible getaway. Sometimes you need a helping hand with that holiday inspiration – searching for the perfect destination and a villa that you fall in love with. We've put together our guide to villa holidays in 2019 below, so hopefully planning your next adventure is a little easier.

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Why Choose a Villa Holiday?

Couple eating a picnic by villa pool

Never been on a villa holiday before? You’re missing out! You’ll have plenty of freedom, meaning you’ll live your holiday however you please. Lazy mornings aren’t interrupted by last orders for breakfast – so you’ll never feel rushed. Get up, head out and come back as early or late as you like.

Can you really relax if you’re worrying about a morning mad-dash to snap up the last sunlounger? With your own private pool, you’ll have the pick of the bunch! The one in that perfect spot in the sun? That ideal lounger in the shade? They’re all yours. Although you still might want to reserve your favourite, before someone else in your group lays claim to it.

Your villa has all the features that make it feel like home away from home. There’s no teatime tantrums from fussy eaters, your kitchen and barbecue take care of that. Pick up some local ingredients and prepare dinner your way. Searching for a peaceful place to unwind? Spacious lounges and inviting outdoor spaces are ideal for restful relaxation.

Even the largest groups are catered for, with villas for 2 to 20 people. Imagine having all your loved ones under one roof. Spending quality time together and creating amazing memories on your villa holiday – bliss! Why not try one out in 2019?

Top Destinations for 2019

Capo Caccia in Sardinia

A Mediterranean gem sparkling away off the Italian coast - Sardinia’s appeal is easy to understand. The beaches here are some of the most alluring in Italy and even Europe. Can you resist the call of Sardinian shores? Especially when’s there’s a beach for every taste! From tranquil stretches tucked between towns, to sheltered bays with shallow waters.

Culture, history and natural beauty all add to Sardinia’s irresistible appeal. Feel the cobbled streets beneath your feet, as you wander through historic Alghero. Take a walk along the city walls and you’ll be captivated by jaw-dropping views. Look down on the city below and out to sea from your new vantage point. You’ll also spot Capo Caccia – home to the incredible Neptune’s Grotto.

Longing for something out of the ordinary? You’ll feel a tingle of excitement exploring these prehistoric caves - they’re full of surprises! Once inside you’ll find a salt lake and sandy beach (another reminder to double check you’ve got your camera). How you get there is completely your choice. Any adventurous souls among you will love taking the ‘Goat Steps’, a 110 foot descent down the cliff face. It’s not for those who with a fear for heights. Travelling by boat from Alghero is a little less hair-raising, but you’ll enjoy amazing views of the cliffs and coastline along the way.

Corfu Old Town

Culture vultures will be captivated by Corfu. If you love history, architecture and culture, a visit to the Old Town is a must. Spot fascinating buildings as you wander through Corfu’s past, with its current form dating back 500 years. It's a melting pot of Venetian, British, Austrian and French influence. You’ll kick yourself if you forget your camera, so double check you’ve packed it before you head off! Be sure to keep an eye out for the old and new fortresses and spectacular town hall.

Don’t worry, Corfu offers more than just history and architecture. In fact, you’ll find plenty of amazing beaches on its shores. The beautiful horseshoe bay at Agios Georgios seems tucked away from the rest of the world. You’ll feel secluded as you relax on its golden sand. Ideal if you’re looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy the Greek sunshine.

A stone’s throw from the beautiful Halikounas beach, you’ll find Lake Korission. Over 2,000 migrating birds make a pit stop here on their journey from Africa to Europe each year. It'll feel like paradise for any keen birdwatchers or outdoorsy types!

Calo des Moro beach in Mallorca

Mallorca’s beaches are the star of the show! If you love the feeling of soft sand under your feet, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. This island is home to 262 beaches and 60 of these fly the Blue Flag. It’s paradise for beach lovers! Head inland and you’ll see a different side to Mallorca, where rural towns remain largely untouched by tourism. You’ll travel back in time as you discover local traditions and history.

Consider yourself a holiday haggler? Search for your mementos at a Mallorcan market, fingers crossed you’ll find a bargain. They’re also the perfect place to pick up local fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese. Why not whip up a fresh feast back at your villa? Putting your own spin on a local dish.

Maybe you have no plans to cook at all? Your holiday might mean taking a well-earned break from your chef duties back at home? You'll find plenty of wonderful restaurants, with a warm, local feel. If you love fine dining, the island’s Michelin Star restaurants offer all the holiday haute cuisine you need.

Statue of Henry the Navigator in Lagos, the Algarve

If you’re familiar with the Algarve, you’ll already be aware of the beaches and climate that make the area so appealing. But look beyond the beaches and you’ll see a different side to the area. Do traditional villages tick all your boxes? You’ll find sleepy places where time has stood still in the Algarve. Plus, there’s plenty of towns brimming with history! Use your villa as a base and start discovering the fascinating tales that each town has to tell.

Lagos’ naval past will enchant history buffs, especially those among you with a sense of adventure. Expeditions began from its natural harbour hundreds of years ago. Setting off in search of exciting new lands! You’ll spot statues of these explorers and adventurers as you wander around town.

Taste the catch of the day in Olhao! It’s no surprise that the Algarve’s largest fishing port boasts incredible seafood restaurants. Consider yourself a dab hand in the kitchen? The town’s fish market should be your first port of call. A selection of fresh catches, just waiting to be turned into a fishy feast back at your villa.

The Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus

Cyprus is mouth-watering in every sense of the word! Foodies can expect to fall in love with the cuisine. From fresh seafood to locally grown olives, and hearty meat dishes to sweet treats. A meze will let you sample it all. Cypriot cuisine combines a pinch of the Mediterranean, a splash of the Middle East and a dash of Africa. So expect your taste buds to come alive!

Prepare to be mesmerised by the Cypriot coastline, where you’ll find a stretch of sand for almost all tastes. Jetting off with the little ones? There’s plenty of family friendly beaches, ideal for spending long days together. If sunbathing leaves you itching for activity, why not try your hand at a watersport? Cooling down with a cruise along the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ancient ruins and tombs are your gateway to the island’s magnificent history. Take a walk through the burial chambers of The Tombs of the Kings - although the regal title is a little misleading. You’ll actually find that aristocrats and important officials were laid to rest here. Its grandeur led to its impressive title, so you can expect to be wowed.

The Pitons in St. Lucia

Prepare yourself to be blown away by St. Lucia’s landscape. Visit Soufriere, where you’ll find The Pitons towering above the town. Two spectacular green peaks, decorated with green vegetation - a jaw-dropping sight on your St. Lucia villa holiday. Lush rainforests are also waiting to be explored! Wander along the stunning hiking trails, perhaps you’ll be serenaded by the squawks of parrots flying overhead?

How about a visit to the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano? The road to Soufriere’s sulphur springs leads right up to the volcanic crater. You’ll spot clouds of sulphur winding their way up from the mud pools. Although you’ll probably smell them long before you lock eyes on them. Thermal pools have been created here, so step in and enjoy a relaxing soak. How does a mud facial sound? Who knows, you might look and feel years younger after!

Searching for beach variety? St. Lucia's shores shouldn’t disappoint. White, black and golden sands are found across the island, so you’ll have your pick when it comes to days spent at the beach.

We Love 2019 Villa Holidays

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