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Things to do in Lanzarote

Even those who've visited Lanzarote before will find little surprises on its shores. That's the beauty of a getaway here - there's just so many things to do in Lanzarote! And if you've yet to travel to this Canary Island jewel, prepare for yourself for just how bright it sparkles. As if you'd forget to pack your sunglasses anyway! The sun shines year round here. Jump into our guide below, picking out all your favourites. Whether that's a week of watersports, volcanic discovery or adding in a little culture. Imagine how amazing your itinerary could be!

What to do in Lanzarote

The pool and palm trees of the Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

Many of Lanzarote's artistic sights have sprung from the mind of the island's own César Manrique. You'll find his passion and talent for all things creative in many different shapes and forms. Whether that's his complements to volcanic structures or the repurposing of historic buildings for a new purpose. We've already touched on the Jameos del Agua and now it's time to delve deeper into the cavernous volcanic attraction. The tunnels lay empty before a brainwave from Manrique, who transformed them into a stunning concert venue. Who would have thought that lava flows could lend themselves to such amazing acoustics? You'll find splashes of colour added to the dark volcanic rock outside. With inviting gardens and a gleaming white pool, filled with beautifully blue waters.

And what do you do with a defensive castle when threats from the sea are well and truly over? Leave it to César! In the 1970's he transformed the Castle of Saint Joseph into the Museum of Contemporary Art. The result is an impressive gallery, a characterful building and stunning views out to sea. There's plenty more panoramas at the Mirador del Rio, where Manrique's creative flair can also be felt. The 19th gun battery has been transformed into a stunning viewpoint, with large windows that curve along the rock face. Clear your schedule, you'll probably get lost gazing at the Islands of Chinijo in the distance.

Surfer riding a wave off the coast

Catching a wave in Lanzarote is so fantastic, that you might push all plans to one side and just spend your getaway on your board. The island even earns comparisons with Hawaii! High praise indeed. Ask any surfer that's sampled the Lanzarote swell and they'll tell you that it's exactly that – just swell. The beaches of Famara and Tinajo are a boarder's playground, with powerful waves that present a challenge. La Santa is a calmer stretch that might be better for working off any rustiness, while Teneza's strong currents make it ideal for experts. Famara is the goldilocks beach of these three, as the waves here are just right – novices and old hands can find joy out on its waters.

If windsurfing's your watersport of choice, be sure to head to Costa Teguise. There's nowhere better on the island when it comes to feeling the wind in your sails. International contests even make their way to this stretch of coast - the conditions here at that good. But it's not just the best of the best out on the waves, it's also a great spot for first-timers and improving windsurfers. Making a splash inland is just as fun, at Costa Teguise's Aquapark! This is your chance to race down slides, take on the rapids armed with an inflatable or just kick back in a Jacuzzi. There's plenty of fun for little ones too, who have their own ball pool, castle and slides to enjoy.

View of Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote

Like its Canary Island counterparts, Lanzarote's shores are a collection of incredible sandy stretches – each offering their own little twist on beach beauty. And the Los Ajaches Nature Reserve is home to the very best. When it comes to golden sands, the southern tip offers 24 carat coves and bays that are better than any bullion. Secluded sands tucked away behind the rocks, views out to Fuerteventura – it doesn't get much better than this. It's time to snorkel, swim or sunbathe your way to your perfect beach day.

Head north and a hidden gem awaits. In fact, La Canteria is where you'll discover Lanzarote's most northerly stretch of golden sand. The towering cliffs not only offer a little shelter for sunbathers, but let you enjoy Lanzarote's incredible landscape as you lay back on the sand. Views of La Graciosa in the distance only add to the incredible panoramas. And as you gaze longingly at this little island you might start wondering what exactly lies on those mysterious shores? What if there's an even better beach out there? La Graciosa's Playa de las Conchas is a beacon of natural beauty, drawing visitors by ferry from Orzola's port. As you set foot on the sand, it's hard to imagine that Las Conchas has ever been anything but this beautiful. There's no watersports, beach umbrellas or restaurants here – this is the very definition of unspoiled.

For all the amazing beaches that are tucked in between, check out our guide to the best beaches in Lanzarote. We're only just scratching the sandy surface…

Inside the Cueva de los Verdes , Lanzarote's volcanic caves

Lanzarote's out of this world landscape seems to hold a mesmerising charm. Once you lock eyes on the terrain, there's no turning back! Eruptions and lava flows have carved deep craters and winding tunnels into the surface – so even those with a seemingly dormant desire to explore will be excited for a volcanic adventure.

Why not start at the Timanfaya National Park? Where craters and impressive rock formations have been shaped by the imposing 'Fire Mountains'. Fear not, the lava flows are long gone! Guided tours have taken their place, snaking their way through the trails of magma marvels. With some truly jaw-dropping natural attractions, expect to see plenty of awestruck faces on your journey across Timanfaya.

Tucked away at the northern tip there's a volcanic duo that rivals Timanfaya and its fiery peaks. Monte Corona takes all the credit as chief architect for the impressive caves and tunnels you'll find here. And the floorplan for the Cueva de los Verdes is particularly impressive! Those tasked with adding a little touristic appeal have been careful not to tinker with those original plans. Subtle lighting has simply been added to illuminate the stunning lava tunnels. Just as nature intended! The Jameos del Agua make up the second half of this Corona double act. Lanzarote's own César Manrique was given creative licence to add his artistic prowess to the caves here. So perhaps we should save any spoilers on what you'll find here for our look at Lanzarote's art…

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Now you've got all those amazing items for your itinerary, it's time to find out where to stay in Lanzarote.

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