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Villas in Masdache

Situated above the resort of Tias, Masdache is a traditional Canarian village located inland close to the main wine area of Lanzarote called ‘The protected Landscape of La Geria’. This quiet Canarian village is welcome retreat for those wanting to see the traditional Lanzarote and get away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist resorts. Only a short drive to the village of Tias and a 10 minute drive to the main resort of Puerto del Carmen and sandy beaches. The village is situated in an area surrounded by volcanoes and famous for growing grape vines on volcanic ash, during the summer months the harvest and winemaking takes place using traditional techniques.

  • 15 minsfrom Arrecife

Accommodation in Masdache

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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Masdache

Like most of Spanish areas Tapas is a popular dish in Lanzarote and fresh sea food is always easy to come across. Some of the more specialised dishes for the Canaries are, Papas Crías (wild potatoes) which grow on the rocky hillsides, two kinds of sauces are always served with the papas arrugadas, the spicy red mojo which is based on chillies and peppers, and the green mojo which flavoured with parsley or coriander and which is served to complement fish dishes. Gofio is another vital staple of the island’s cuisine. Made from toasted corn and maize flour.

Restaurant Typesin the area of Tias

  • Fine Dining
  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional
  • International

Nightlifein the area of Tias

Nightlife at Masdache

Tias is a quieter village with a relaxed evening atmosphere and is set around the centre of the village, offering a handful of typical Spanish bars and restaurants.

Shops & Facilitiesin the area of Tias

Speciality of the area

  • Jewellery

General Services

  • Post office
  • Foreign exchange
  • Banks
  • Internet cafe
  • Police station
  • Petrol station
  • ATM's

Food Shopping

  • Baker
  • Mini market
  • Supermarket
  • Green grocer
  • Patisserie
  • Fishmonger
  • Butcher


  • Pharmacy
  • Optician
  • Doctor / Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Dentist

High Street

  • Boutiques
  • Jewellery
  • International clothing
  • ATM's


  • Beauty salon
  • Hairdresser
  • Masseuse
  • Manicurist / Pedicurist

Excursions and Places of Interest

Masdache - excursions


El Grifo is the oldest winery within the Canary Islands and among the ten oldest in Spain. This family run winery, since 1775, is well worth a visit and produces up to six hundred thousand bottles of wine per year. The museum is open all year round with guided tours available.


The Casa Museo del Campesino is a museum situated in the geographical centre of Lanzarote. Featuring a monument by Cesar Manrique, inside are a number of tools and objects related to the islands culture and agriculture. A gift shop and restaurant are also available.

National parks

The Timanfaya National Park is a must see when holidaying on the island. Declared a national park back in 1968, this site was once host to more than 100 volcanoes. The restaurant in the park serves traditional Canarian food that’s cooked using a cast-iron grill placed over a large hole in the ground. There is also the option to take a camel ride across the volcanic landscape.

Other Places of interest

The Go-Karting track located in San Bartolome is an amazing track for go-karting enthusiasts and offers a bar and spectating area. The track is built into the hillside and has great views, it’s also open all year round and transportation is available from most resorts.


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