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Villas in Lajares

A short drive from the coast at Corralejo, you’ll arrive at the pretty village of Lajares. Here, you’ll find a small selection of bars, restaurants and a supermarket. Two windmills next to the church were originally used to produce gofio, the special Canaries flour made from a blend of wheat, barley and maize, for the locals. The main attraction for visitors is the lace shop, Artisania Lajares, where you can watch locals make lace and embroidery. The town also boasts a lucha canaria area, specially designed to hold wrestling matches unique to the Canaries.

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  • 35 minsfrom Fuerteventura

Food & Dining

Food and dining at Lajares

In the centre of the village there are a number of small cafés and bars to sit and enjoy a coffee of beer in the sunshine, of an evening there is also one or two really good restaurants serving traditional cuisine. Try the local specialitites, including papas arrogadas (potatoes), puchero (goat stew), mojo (spicy sauce) and arechucas (Canarian rum). The 'Menu del Dia' is a great and inexpensive way to sample the local food.

Restaurant Types

  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional
  • International


Nightlife at Lajares

Lajares offer a few quiet restaurants and family frendly bars, sometimes with live music and jamming sessions. You will find a relaxed atmosphere in this little village, or you can drive ten minutes to Corralejo with much livelier nightlife.

Shops & Facilities

Speciality of the area

  • Clothing
  • Pottery
  • Leather
  • Painting
  • Lace

Aloe Vera

General Services

  • Internet cafe
  • ATM's

Food Shopping

  • Baker
  • Mini market
  • Supermarket
  • Patisserie


  • Pharmacy

High Street

  • Boutiques
  • Jewellery
  • ATM's


  • Local crafts
  • Souvenirs

Excursions and Places of Interest

Lajares - excursions

Other excursions

Another popular feature and photographic oppurtunity of the Villaverde and Lajares areas are the well-kept traditional windmills. There is also a windmill museum located in Antigua.

Sports stadium tours

One of the first sights you will notice when entering the village of Lajares is the football stadium, built in 1990. The town also boasts a lucha canaria area, specially designed to hold wrestling matches unique to the Canaries.


Lajares - activities

Land activities:

Horse riding

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