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Canary Island Family Holidays

Welcome to a haven of wide open spaces, year-round sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty! This amazing archipelago lies just 100km off the coast of Africa, basking in a blissful sub-tropical climate and lapped by refreshing Atlantic waters. From Lanzarote's lunar-like landscapes to Fuerteventura's sweeping sands, Canary Island Family Holidays are your ticket to treasured memories and unforgettable adventures.

Why choose the Canaries for your next family holiday?

Brother and sister run along a beach in their swimwear. The azure waves are gently lapping at their ankles.

Crowd-pleasing Canaries

Families and the Canary Islands go together like Spain and Tapas! A long established holiday tradition for us Brits, there's a reason the tried and tested tourist treasure is still so sought after. Wearing many hats, the idyllic islands are crowd pleasers to their core. So whether you and your brood are natural-born beach bums, nature-focused nuts or simply chasing new experiences – the Canaries have something to offer every kind of holidaymaker across all ages. Families might come for the promise of bucket and spade shenanigans, but they stay for the never-ending natural attractions and action-packed activities.

Mid-haul flights of just four hours feel like a steal, especially when you touch down to unlimited sunshine. Year-round temperatures rarely dip below 20°C – so there's no bad time to visit. Jet off for a Christmas with a Canarian twist and you'll still be strolling around in shorts and t-shirts, or stick to the summer holidays and enjoy climes that creep towards 30°C. Paradise awaits!

Traditional, whitewashed villa with a tiled courtyard and large, private pool. Villa Autre Chose, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Holiday home from home

Travelling with toddlers in tow? Taking your soon-to-be-adult teens on one last jaunt? Whether it's your first or final family holiday with the kids, we know the time you spend away together is a short but significant part of your lives. A villa holiday is all about your plans, your privacy, your pool and your precious moments.

Forget the hordes of holidaymakers rushing to the breakfast buffet, you can relax and enjoy yours in PJs! Meal times are no longer dictated by deadlines and dress codes, so stoke those barbecue coals and grill your way to good times instead. Our villas in the Canary Islands lend themselves to carefree holidaying at its finest, from sunloungers reserved solely for you to enviable private pools – tap into unrivalled freedom. Here you'll find the perfect setting for creating treasured memories, plus a place to press the pause button.

Family Activities in the Canary Islands

Get clued up on the captivating Canary Islands and their family friendly activities and attractions! From beach bliss to mountain highs, this amazing archipelago is pure getaway goals. Each island has its own unique personality, so forget everything you think you know – the Canaries are ready and raring to cast aside your pre-conceptions…

A young family make their way around a lazy river on inflatables at a waterpark.


Hailed as the best of the bunch when it comes to family getaways, look no further than Lanzarote when travelling with little ones. Kitted out with countless things to do and easy-going entertainment, there's not many places that can hold a candle to this Canary Island. Start your day with a morning marina stroll, adventure away the afternoon at the iconic Timanfaya National Park and settle in for sunset swooning in the evening. Your itinerary can be as full or carefree as you fancy – but rest assured, there's always plenty to pack in!

Water babies will love making a splash at the Aquapark, while teens can catch some of the best surf of the archipelago on Lanzarote's hallowed shores. Golfing enthusiasts can take a swing at one of the award-winning fairways and shopaholics can bag a bargain thanks to tax free savings. If you've raised a brood of culture vultures, Lanzarote packs a punch with its mind-broadening creative artworks courtesy of legendary César Manrique.

Beaches are available in abundance, with a whopping 90 sandy sweet spots accessorising the island's shores. Golden beauties and volcanic showstoppers are all part of the repertoire. It's not every day you get to sink your toes into black sand!

Towering Mount Teide watching over the luscious, green national park of Tenerife


Dust off your hiking boots and discover one of the Canary Island's most diverse destinations. A Jack of all trades, Tenerife has countless strings to its beloved bow. Jaws drop as regularly as the tide laps against the sand – and with good reason! Rainforests, soaring cliffs, wild rocky beaches and Spain's tallest mountain, Teide, are just some of the island's irresistible trademarks. Stuck in a state of 'eternal spring', Tenerife is a sub-tropical utopia of heavenly nature trails and verdant valleys. Our villas in Tenerife sit on the southwest shores, within easy reach of first-class facilities and bustling resorts – keeping family fun as convenient as can be.

Besides beautiful beaches and breaktaking natural beauty, thrilling water parks are Tenerife's bread and butter. Home to one of the world's most famed fast-paced slides and rides, Siam Park is an invitation to wet and wild family fun! Adrenalike junkies can get their fix at the terrifying Tower of Power. Hurtle down a near-vertical 28 metre drop at 80km/h and speed by the resident sharks and rays that frequent the aquarium waiting for you at the bottom. This one's reserved for the bravest member of your brood!

Golden sands and rolling dunes at Maspalomas

Gran Canaria

A revered all-rounder (thanks in no small part to the island's circular shape), Gran Canaria ticks all the good-time boxes. From the emerald north to the desert south, a medley of microclimates keep travellers on their toes. Nicknamed as a 'continent in miniature', every kind of terrain imaginable exists on this irresistible island. A self-confessed outdoor playground, Gran Canaria overflows with towering mountains, rolling sand dunes and sweet-scented forests. Families with a penchant for nature-focused pursuits will fall head over heels for this heavenly hiking destination.

If the kids are tuckered out from a stint of non-stop exploration, go back to basics with a family trip to the beach. The golden sands at Maspalomas are the island's most iconic strip. Lined with wind-sculpted dunes and lapped by startlingly blue waters, the spellbinding scenes of the island's southern shores are an otherworldly oasis. Owing to its huge popularity, the area also has a handful of waterparks, shopping centres, outdoor cinemas and bucket(list)s of effortless entertainment.

Itineraries in Gran Canaria can be just as varied as the island itself. Catch some surf, take a Jeep tour, cycle your way to ancient villages, set sail for a spot of whale watching, go history hunting in Las Palmas or trek the tropical national parks. However you and the family choose to spend the day, rest assured relaxation is never far away…

Azure waters and powder-white sands of the iconic Fuerteventura beaches


Last but not least in the awesome foursome is Fuerteventura! Boasting over 150km of white sands and Saharah-style dunes, the island is arguably home to the best and biggest beaches of the archipelago. Perfect for families craving the magical combination of sea, sun and splash – there's more than enough sand to go around! As if all that wasn't enough, Fuerteventura is baked by 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, idyllic conditions for a fly and flop family holiday.

Beyond the beaches, discover the raw and wild landscapes of the desert-like island. Heaps of adventures await in the form of Jeep tours, cave explorations, horse riding, boat trips, hiking trails and wild watersports. Inland villages, old towns and rural communities give you a glimpse of Fuerteventura's day to day life, while lively resorts like Corralejo take care of evening entertainment and rumbling tummies.

Surfs up for families who live to ride the waves! Renowned for its world-famous surfing scene, Fuerteventura packs a punch when it comes to first-class curls and bucket-list barrels. Catering to all levels, the seas in June to August are a match made in heaven for first timers.

Best Beaches in the Canary Islands

If beach breaks are your kryptonite, then you'll want the inside scoop on the Canaries coveted coastline. Boasting a mind-blowing 500 stretches of sand between them, whittling down Gran Canarias's golden arcs and Tenerife's turquoise waters is no mean feat. Blue Flags fly proudly across the archipelago, with a marvellous mix of man-made strips, family-friendly facilities and nature's own handiwork.

We love Canary Island Family Holidays

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