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Self Catering Menorca

The land of laid back beach breaks and slow-paced escapes, Menorca and self-catering go together like buckets and spades. Whether cooking is your greatest passion, or you simply get bored of the same mediocre hotel menus on repeat, your villa kitchen will save you from restaurant reservations and hordes of hungry holidaymakers. Foodie freedom is the name of the game! So whet your appetite with a spot of self-catering in Menorca, and whip up mouth-watering masterpieces with a Balearic twist.

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Why book a Menorca Self Catering Holiday?

Al fresco dining in Menorca

The best holidays begin when the rule book goes out the window. There are enough time-keeping tribulations in everyday life, so the last thing you need are dinner schedule deadlines and early wake up calls. Setting an alarm to browse the breakfast buffet before your fellow guests is hardly helping with the rest and relaxation you deserve! You can wave goodbye to dress codes and disappointing 'sorry we've run out' dramas too, with a self-catering villa it's just delicious delicacies in the comfort of your home from home. Forget the stomach-rumbling rabble and take the day at your own pace – mealtimes bow to you and your brood now.

Peruse the local markets for the freshest ingredients and transform into a maestro of Mediterranean cooking! From famed fish stalls to prestigious produce and speciality cheeses, you'll have a flair for Spanish flavours before you know it. Tantalise your tastebuds with the sweet smells and irresistible aromas wafting in the air, and let your nose decide what's on the menu this evening. Open daily throughout the summer months, some of the bigger markets also sell clothing, leather goods and jewellery. That way you can pick up a few quintessential keepsakes along the way.

Fresh fish from the local market cooked on the villa barbecue

If you're travelling with fussy family members, add some home favourites into the mix. Little ones whose tastes haven't quite developed to stomaching the more daring dishes will be delighted when a few culinary comforts are placed on their plates. With well-known brands stocked in local supermarkets, you should have no problem finding something that they'll recognise. Sometimes a good, old fashioned barbecue is just what the doctor ordered. Fire it up, flip some burgers and tuck in poolside – now you can't do that at a hotel!

For those evenings you decide to dine out, Menorca has a gastronomic tradition that's not to be missed. A signature dish found only on this Balearic beauty, keep your eyes peeled for Caldereta de Langosta. Made up of boiled lobster, onions, tomatoes, garlic and parsely, and served with freshly baked bread, the simplest concoctions are often the most scrumptious. Sweet treats are a holiday rite of passage too, and the Spanish most definitely know how to satisfy those sugar cravings. Whether it's pastries packed with chocolate, creamy cakes, custard tarts or the iconic churro, slobber-worthy desserts are just waiting to be devoured.

Explore Menorca

Mahón port at sunset

Things to do in Menorca

When you're not cooking up a storm, this sensational slice of island paradise brings a lot to the table too! From blissful beaches to wet and wild waterparks, there's no such thing as a dull moment in magnificent Menorca. Paddle in crystal-clear waters at Caribbean-style coves or beeline for beautiful bays that lie off the beaten track. Adrenaline junkies can hurtle down daredevil slides, while lazy rivers are always a great way to cool off.

Beyond the captivating coastline, a whole island of wonder awaits! Head to the capital city of Mahón and make sure you swing by the Mediterranean's largest natural port. Take a boat tour around the harbour and bring your camera along for the ride. The views across the water are simply stunning and offer up fresh perspectives on traveller favourites. When you're back on dry land, wander the maze of narrow streets that are packed to the rafters with amazing architecture and charming churches. From cityscapes to landscapes, back-to-nature adventures are always a good idea! Hike along the Cami de Cavalls walking trail or explore Europe's famed wetlands at the S'Albufera d'Es Grau Reserve.

Here's some ideas to blow your itinerary wide open…

Things to do in Menorca

White, sandy cove nestled between craggy cliffs, lapped by turquoise waters

Menorca's Best Beaches

Swathes of silky sands and startlingly blue waters are trademark traits of a stunning shoreline. Boasting all the heavenly hallmarks that holidaymakers have come to know and love, beaches are in the Balearics' blood. Whether you're after peace and quiet, family fun in the sun or something a little more unique, Menorca showcases some of the most jaw-dropping coastline of all its island sisters. With a whopping 200km and 100 sandy spots to choose from, it's literally impossible to see them all on one trip. Snorkelling sweet spots serve as a front row seat to meet the resident marine life, while one or two craggy creations favour rocky platforms for sunbathing.

If you're on the lookout for must-sees to add to your beachy bucket list, then brush up on your knowledge with our handy guide…

Best Beaches in Menorca

Where to Stay in Menorca

Beaches? Check! Action-packed activities? Check! Wherever you choose to stay on this idyllic island, you'll never be too far from turquoise seas or rolling hills. Our villas in Menorca are found in the choicest resorts, spread out along the sought-after south and nestled in the nature-focused north. From family-orientated getaways to couples seeking a romantic retreat, there's a base ready to cater to any type of holiday taste. What's more, thanks to the island's compact size it's small enough to adventure across. After all, who doesn't love a road trip?

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