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Menorca Holidays

Menorca is a fun-filled family holiday haven. Beach life here is glorious, with over 100 to choose from along the coast. So if you just love days on the sand, a Menorca holiday will tick all your beach boxes! There's a great mix of lively ones for those who like it exciting and off the beaten track for those seeking peace and tranquillity. The south is a haven for families, with shallow waters and gently sloping sand. While in the north, you're more likely to stumble across picturesque horseshoe bays, coastal views and rugged scenery.

Holidays in Menorca

Cala en Porter

If you want an escape from sunbathing on the beach, the island has an array of natural caves on the
South coast near Cala en Porter. From the larger resorts, you can take a boat trip and explore the
island by sea, while those interested in nature can visit the wildlife reserves found in the wetlands. And if you're craving a little country, Menorca's hilly rural interior remains largely untouched. A sprinkling of beautiful buildings, attractive villages and mysterious prehistoric sites all combine to make Menorca simply sparkle with calm and charm.

The island has strong British links dating back to the times of Nelson, blessing Menorca with a wealth of archaeological remains and ancient sites will delight lovers of history. Alongside a Gothic church, maze and fortress, traces of the island's colourful past and original inhabitants can be found scattered around. From monuments and Neolithic towns, to prehistoric remains and megalithic ruins – this is a history lesson everyone can enjoy.


Menorca has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild winters. Along the coast you can typically expect 300 days of sunshine!

Things to do in Menorca

Jam packed with sights to see and things to do, easy to drive around – Menorca is just asking to be explored! Family friendly fun can be found at waterparks in Cala en Bosch and Cala en Blanes. Where big kids can tackle even bigger slides and little ones can splash around as much as they like! Its sandy coastline also offers enjoyment for all ages, with families loving the gently shelving sand and shallow waters. While couples can expect to be charmed by quiet coves, ideal for quality time together.

Hop aboard a boat and cruise around the world's second largest natural harbour in Mahon, learning about its fascinating history as you take in views of its clifftop houses. Or maybe you'd prefer to get a taste for local life? Grab a Carajillo (coffee with brandy) in Ciutadella's amazing Plaça des Born square or savour the freshness of the catch of the day in Fornells. Washed down with a zingy Pomada, combining the strong flavours of gin and lemon – your taste buds will love you for it!

Things to do in Menorca

Best Beaches in Menorca

Idyllic bays for lazy days, coves that make you feel right at home – Holidays in Menorca are absolutely tailor made for beach lovers! Its coastline is simply spectacular. Whether you're craving some quiet time tucked behind lush pine trees or need a lively beach with plenty to keep you amused. And with those calm waves and pristine blue waters, a refreshing dip in the sea is always inviting.

Best Beaches in Menorca

Eating in Menorca

Local produce and seasonal ingredients give Menorcan food a level of freshness that just takes those flavours to another level. From the catch of the day to vegetables grown just a stone's throw away, each meal here is a true treat for the taste buds! Dishes are often simple and hearty, with Menorcan meats, cheeses and olive oil staples on menus. With so much wonderful choice, heading for tapas means you can try a little of everything and, most importantly, dodge the dreaded food envy!

If your sweet tooth has you craving something sugary from the moment you wake up, you're in good company in Menorca. The natives here just love cakes and pastries, with bakers really upping their game to satisfy their cravings. Opening from six in the morning, if you're really eager you could be enjoying warm pastries and sweet scents blowing along the breeze! And what better accompaniment than a cup of coffee? Luckily Menorcans are just as mad about their morning dose of caffeine, making breakfast here an incredible way to start the day. You'll definitely have plenty of energy for walking around all those monuments and sights.

Shopping in Menorca

There's nowhere better for picking up trinkets and souvenirs than a Menorcan market. Squeezing through the narrow aisles as local jewellery catches your eye, stopping to speak with a local trader about their carefully crafted pottery. Known for leather, it's likely that you'll see lots of this as you trundle through the markets too. Foodies will stumble upon plenty of delights, from farmer's fruit and veg to mouthwatering cheese produced on the island. You'll find markets all across the island, making it easy to pop in and stock up on local goods. And although there's not a mall on Menorca, there's enough shops to satisfy any holidaymaker with a love for shopping.

Driving in Menorca

Hire a car and the entire island is yours to explore! Hopping into the driving seat gives you licence to take in as many (or as few) sights as you like. You could be spending a lazy morning at one of Cala Galdana's jaw-dropping beaches, before a short drive to the former capital of Ciutadella. Take in the old quarter, admire the Gothic cathedral and rest your legs in its charming Plaça des Born square. A stroll down to the harbour offers amazing views and waterfront food.

Back in the car and it's just a 15 minute drive to Punta Nati Lighthouse. Time it right and you could be watching the sunset over this craggy tip of North West Menorca. There's plenty more wonderful road trips, but perhaps you'd prefer to buckle up and see where the road takes you?

Fiestas and Events

With celebrations taking place in towns and villages across Menorca, there's plenty of chances to party with the locals! Lively affairs with plenty to see and do, fiestas offer entertainment for all tastes and ages. Take in a street parade where horses trot along the cobbles, watch live musicians play traditional music or take the little ones to a funfair. By the time the fireworks light up the evening sky, you'll feel a lot closer to the island's friendly locals.

We love Menorca Holidays

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