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The Best Beaches in Menorca

Small cove or big bay? Secluded sand or lively beach? These are the kind of beach dilemmas you might have faced in the past, but not on these shores! This Balearic gem has it all and our guide to the best beaches in Menorca should hopefully add a few new must-sees to your ever-growing list. Quiet days with your other half, family frolics with the little ones, hours spent gazing at staggering scenery – take your pick.

Menorca's Best Beaches for…

Golden sands of Cala Mitjana, with pine trees in the background - Menorca

Natural beauty – Cala Mitjana

Tucked away among the trees, you'll feel cocooned in natural beauty when you head for Cala Mitjana. Your walk to the beach sets the scene perfectly, as you carve a course through the pines. 40 minutes from Cala Galdana and a 20 minute stroll from the nearest car park, this is a beach for determined feet! When you emerge from your shady chrysalis, a wave of stunning scenery washes over you. The white cliffs are decorated by more of those lush pines, making the blues of the sea pop even more. And there between your toes is fine golden sand! Soft, comforting and so very welcoming, slipping into that state of beach relaxation is almost instantaneous. Although the sea might tempt you in before you even get a chance to get comfortable. Shallow, crystal clear and soothingly calm, it's ideal for snorkelling, leisurely dips and even your little ones.

Person swimming in turquoise seas off Menorcan beach

Something different – Cala en Brut

It's not technically a beach, but that's why Cala en Brut is perfect for those who love something different! A place to pitch up, unroll your towel and do something out of the ordinary. Flat rocky platforms take the place of sand here, great for laying back and soaking up the Balearic sun. Even better for those who hate finding bags and pockets full of sand hours after you've got home. The sea is calm and inviting and you'll often see people jumping in, although ladders lead you leisurely into this natural pool. A relaxing dip rarely starts with a spectacular flip! Close to the former capital of Ciutadella, why not add some culture to end your beach day with a twist?

Looking across the sea to the beautiful beach of Son Saura in Menorca

Laid-back family days – Son Saura

Easy to get to, plenty of space – stress and Son Saura don't belong in the same sentence! Your day starts with a hassle-free 10 minute walk from the car park, putting an end to any grumbles from little ones with tired legs. And despite its two beaches making up one of the biggest and most beautiful coves in Menorca, Son Saura is rarely busy. So there's no fretting or panicking about finding that perfect spot for your family beach day. Lifeguards give you that peace of mind during splash time, but the waters are so calm and tranquil that you'll feel just as at ease. There's no watersports or distractions, leaving you to make your own fun and treasured memories with the ones you love.

Turquoise waters and golden sand of Son Bou beach, Menorca

All round beach fun – Son Bou

The beach that can do it all – Son Bou is ideal if you're craving a sandy stretch with a little something for every taste. Its lively vibe means there's always fun to be had, but with three kilometres of golden sand there's space for all. There's nothing better than finding your own quiet spot! Catching 40 winks, topping up your tan or getting lost in a good book – what could be better? If your response is anything with action and adrenaline, Son Bou's got you covered. It's time to test your paddle power with a spot of kayaking or trying your hand at stand up paddleboarding! You might be craving that quiet spot of your own after using up plenty of energy.

Once you've worked up an appetite, the whiff of tasty dishes from beach bars and restaurants will have you following your nose all the way to a table. Stay late and you could even be watching the sunset with a long drink in hand! The perfect way to raise a toast to this amazing Menorcan beach.

Beautiful views across the Cala Pregonda, looking over rocks and trees - Menorca

Beauty off the beaten track - Cala Pregonda

Cala Pregonda will have your jaw hitting the floor as soon as you reach the sand! When you lock eyes on this beautiful bay, the 30 minute walk from the car instantly feels worthwhile. Those beads of sweat are signs that you've earned this natural beauty! With calm blue sea sparkling among the reddish rocks and dark golden sand – this is the very definition of postcard perfect. Small islands offshore protect Pregonda from strong winds, so you can sit and admire as long as you like! It's so far off the beaten track that there's not a facility in sight, so be sure to bring plenty of water, suncream and a bite to eat with you. Page Description + Image – Tantalising tours

Discover all the different sides to this brilliant Balearic island! From its fascinating stories to the delicious cuisine, there's some wonderful things to do in Menorca.

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