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Mallorca Day Trips

Dare to be different! Imagine how much extra gusto you'll give those holiday tales if you've done something out of the ordinary. A left-field activity, a sight that's firmly off the radar, a highly adventurous road trip – your itinerary could be the envy of holidaymakers everywhere. Mallorca is the ideal spot to do something unusual, to blow those run of the mill holiday activities out of the water. Narrowing it down to five is tough enough, there's plenty more if you dig a little deeper.

5 Unusual things to do in Mallorca

Es Pontàs at sunset

Es Pontàs

Sometimes those happy accidents just have the most wonderful outcomes. Es Pontàs may have lost the cave that it was once the entrance to, but it's taken on its own wonderful status since! Now a natural arch standing proudly in the sea, it's so much more than part of a collapsed cave. This is a stony powerhouse that packs an architectural punch, with its wonderful curve and imperfect edges. Enthusiastic photographers might describe it as a craggy rainbow elegantly exiting and entering the sea. Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times to visit, with the arch lit up by mesmerising shades of red and gold. See if you can catch the sun peeping through Es Pontàs – a snap that's guaranteed to be social media gold! Just wait for the likes and comments to come flooding in…

The winding roads of Serra de Tramuntana

Driving in Serra de Tramuntana

Buckle up, it's time for a magical Mallorcan road trip! There's something exciting about hopping in the car and setting off to discover somewhere new. And with all the beautiful sights you'll be spotting through your windscreen and windows, Mallorca will crank those excitement levels up to new heights. Scenic isn't strong enough, picturesque just doesn't quite cut it – you'll simply have to see it for yourself!

One road leaves all the others firmly it in its rear view mirror and that's the MA-10. Travelling along the west coast, it gives you the very best of Mallorca in one drive! With a helping hand from the MA-2210 it even takes you all the way to Cap de Formentor, Mallorca's most northerly point and proud owner of some staggering scenery. From here you're led inland, passing the mountain lake of Gorg Blau and taking in the island's highest peak – Puig Major. Stop at the immensely pretty village of Fornalutx with its cobbled streets and stone buildings, before heading off to hug the coastline! This is when your windscreen and mirrors are filled with the most enchanting shades of turquoise. Before you know it you'll have reached the rustic village of Andratx and your road trip along the MA-10 has come to an end.

Castell de Bellver

Castell de Bellver

Not just one for the history buffs, Castell de Bellver turns everything you thought you knew about castles on its head. Its unique style, compelling story and enchanting views make it a must-see if you love something different. Bellver's circular shape immediately catches the eye, curving around an impressive courtyard that's split over two levels. Standing here gives you a real sense of its architectural genius, with Gothic archways perched above the perfect semi circles of the bottom tier. It looks just as impressive from the Castle's flat roof, but there's a better sight waiting to distract you at the top! An enchanting panorama of Palma's bay, complete with bobbing boats resting carefully on the waves.

Most castles have a story to tell, but Bellver's is far more unconventional and, let's face it, interesting. Built for royalty in the 14th century, it had very few regal residents before it became a military prison a few hundred years later. If that's your thirst for knowledge well and truly whet, there's a museum here that's guaranteed to quench your curious mind. Artefacts from prehistoric, Spanish, Arab and Roman periods give you the inside scoop on Palma's past.

Cobbled streets of Valldemossa Village, Mallorca

Valldemossa Village

If you tried to conjure up the most charming and picture perfect village in your imagination, it probably wouldn't come close to Valldemossa! Even the most creative minds would struggle to think of window shutters painted in just the right shade of green, blending in with their countryside surroundings. This is the level of artistic flair and detail you'll spot dotted all around its cobbled streets. Pink flowers creep around doorways, colourful potted plants line the walkways – strolling in Valldemossa is sheer joy!

Every now and then a shop will lure you in from the cobbles. Cafés tempt you with their aromatic coffee, bakeries waft the scent of Valldemossa's famous potato cakes into your path and art galleries showcase their craft. And with such wonderful inspiration all around them, you can expect to be wowed! Sample the fruits (and vegetables) of more local labour each Sunday, when a market takes over the streets. Grab a few tasty ingredients for your dinner or snag a souvenir that will you remind of this enchanting village for years to come.

Take a ride on the Sóller Railway

Sóller Railway

Last on our list it's the attraction that's gone from transporting Vitamin C to showcasing sights to see! Over 100 years ago the Ferrocarril de Sóller gave isolated farmers a means of shipping their oranges and lemons to the capital. Today its wooden carriages takes snap happy tourists between Palma and Sóller. Grab a window seat and journey through mountains, tunnels and over a five arch viaduct – keeping your eyes peeled for the beautiful scenery as you go. Some trains even make photo pit stops along the way, so be sure to check the timetable if you're a keen photographer. If not, just sit back and enjoy this leisurely hour on a piece of Mallorcan history.

We love Mallorca Villa Holidays

Check out as many unusual sights as you like, with a Mallorca villa holiday. You might just need to chill by the pool or hit the beach for a little time in the sun – the choice is all yours.

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