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Places to Visit in Spain

Pictures paint a thousand words – at least they do when it comes to holidays. Imagine the first week home from your latest adventure. A friend asks you how wonderful it was and you reach instinctively for your photos, scrolling through snaps that fill you with fond memories!

Picture perfect Spain Attractions

Where exactly did you find that destination inspiration? It was probably a picture that planted that travel seed, blossoming into bucket list levels of wanderlust. Spain is jam-packed with beautiful sights and spots, so it's probably best we let the pictures do the talking. From natural beauty to impressive architecture, here's our guide to picture perfect Spain...

Blue sea waters crash against black volcanic sands. Red cliffs line the scene and a green lake sits in the middle of the beach.

Park Güell, Barcelona

Prepare yourself for a treasure trove of magnificent sights! Just as you think you've snagged the perfect holiday snap, amazing scenery or an architectural masterpiece pops into view. Gingerbread style gatehouses set the tone for the wonders within, whetting your appetite for Gaudí's glorious work! Once you set eyes on the terrace, Park Güell will own a little piece of your heart. Colourful mosaic seats caress views of Barcelona below. Be sure to take a photo and capture this magical moment forever. Our villas in Sitges put this wonderful city in touching distance.

El Golfo – 'The Green Lagoon', Lanzarote

A holiday photo that's guaranteed to make your friends and family green with envy! This natural beauty is a huge clash of colour on the Lanzarote coastline. Red rocks, black sand and blue seas create a vibrant spectacle, but the emerald centrepiece takes it to another level. The water in this volcanic crater is given its luminescence from the algae sitting beneath. A snap of this glowing green pool is a must!

Ornate, Moorish architecture of the Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace, Andalucia

Add a few pictures of Alhambra to your holiday album and you'll soon be feeling like photographic royalty! You'll want to have your camera in hand long before you reach the palace. Towering above Granada from its hilltop position, capture the beauty of its reddish walls from below. Once you reach the top, you might choose to snap the beautiful scenery from this excellent vantage point. The palace is just as beautiful inside, but there's one feature that's just that little bit more photogenic than the rest. There's no filter needed for the Court of the Lions! The stunning fountain basks in the sunlit courtyard, viewed through the intricate arches as you enter – truly breakthtaking.

Nerja Caves, Andalucia

Even the most talented sculptor would struggle to carve anything as beautiful as the Nerja Caves. These caverns are brimming with stalagmites of all shapes and sizes, winding their way down from the ceilings above. You'll even find parts converted into concert venues, providing amazing acoustics for talented musicians.

A winding road weaves to the lighthouse at the end of the Cap de Formentor peninsula

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

Another Spanish sight where the journey is almost as enjoyable as the destination, almost. Wind your way along the coastal roads, camera in hand. The northern tip of the island is where craggy cliffs and green pines meet the Mediterranean Sea, in perfect harmony. And Cap de Formentor is the photographic pinnacle! The lone lighthouse makes the perfect model for your Formentor photoshoot.

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

This stunning stretch of Fuerteventura's coast feels like three amazing scenes all wrapped into one. Snag a snap of the shimmering seas, tick the golden sands off your list and head for the dunes. The star of the show! These rolling gilded hills feel like your very own desert expedition and make for stunning photos. The perfect reminder of this wonderful Canary Island.

The towering Mount Teide dominates the skyline of Tenerife

Teide, Tenerife

To ascend or not to ascend? That is the question! Towering Teide looks magnificent from below, so amazing photos can be still captured if you've not got a head for heights. Travel up into the clouds and stunning scenery will be waiting for you. A bird's eye view of the volcanic landscape is guaranteed, but clear days might give you sight of Gran Canaria and smaller Canary Islands. With wonderful viewpoints just minutes away by cable car, taking the perfect photo has never been easier.

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