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Best Beaches in Andalucia

Picture it now - 550 Kilometres of golden sand, skirted by the emerald greens of nature. The clear skies blend into a plethora of deep blue's where the Balearic and Atlantic meet. Throw in some fairy-tale like castles and you have the beaches of Andalucia. This region is filled with natural beauty, from underwater coves to untouched cliff-top land. Whether you like to watch water sports with a glass of Sangria, or take a hike across the coast of the sun, Andalucia has the perfect beach for you.

Andalucia's Best Beaches

Calahonda Bay, waves rolling up the beach, which is surrounded by cliffs and agricultural land.

Calahonda Beach, Nerja.

The small bays of Calahonda are perfect for a romantic escape from the busy town of Nerja. The picturesque views of the Mediterranean's pristine waters are complimented by an endless terrain of mountains to paint a postcard-like scene. The beaches maintain a local feel with fishermen angling in the bay and chic cottages built into the rocks, but don't be fooled by the timid personality of Calahonda as you won't go unentertained. The warm evenings are filled with live music and flamenco shows - so dust off your castanets and cast-a-net into the deep waters of Calahonda. This one could well be the catch of the day!

Ancient Roman ruins on Bolonia beach

Playa De Bolonia, Cadiz

Playa De Bolonia boasts 4km of white sand and is perfect for a stroll along the coastline. The Sahara-like sand has formed one of Europe's biggest sand dunes, which is the perfect viewpoint of the crystal waters and emerald grass of Estrecho Nature Park. This beach is truly special with cattle grazing and kite surfers on the horizon. We would be lying if we said there won't be a claud in sight, as this historic town was home to the Emperor Claudius. On the edge of the beach sits the remains of the old Roman trading City of Baelo Claudia and rumour has it further remains have been found submerged just off the coast. So grab your snorkel, dive into the seventh century and let your inner Historian take over. Just don't forget a towel!

Playa De Barrosa, Cadiz

Playa De Barrosa has something for everyone. An 8km stretch of golden sand means you will never be short on space. The beach has hints of tradition with local restaurants sitting behind the dunes, and pine trees skirting the cambers. With Castillo De Sancti Petri Castle looming in the distance, the beach is the epitome of scenic. This is the perfect playground for beach sports and outdoor activities with the Levante wind sweeping in from the East – prepare to be blown away by this one!

Maro Beach surrounded by cliffs and agricultural land.

Playa De Maro, Malaga

If you're looking for a quiet, secluded beach then Maro is made for you. The bay is wedged between cliffs and surrounded by agricultural land, allowing you to forget the world and experience true tranquillity. The beach is oozing with marine life as fishing is prohibited, and pockets of secret underwater coves create a snorkeler's paradise. The remains of an ancient Moorish watch-tower top the cliffs, giving this beach historic character and finesse. So forget about modern day and immerse yourself in timeless history. Maro Beach is one to watch out for.

Wooden walkway leading to Playa Del Palmar surrounded by greenery. Blue seas are on the horizon with a blended blue sky.

Playa Del Palmar, Cadiz

Playa Del Palmar is a popular choice for locals and their silhouettes can often be seen running through the golden sunrise. The beach meanders for 7km, making it perfect for hiking and long romantic walks. Wooden walkways pave the way to Cape Trafalgar Lighthouse which sits majestically on the horizon, and the empty surroundings allow you to feel the breeze as you explore the landscape. The rolling waves attract surfers from afar, and local restaurants are sporadically placed along the shore. So take a step into local-life and capture the picturesque views over a well-a deserved Sangria. Playa Del Palmar will leave you thirsty for more!

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