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Villas in Bonifacio, Corsica

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An introduction to Bonifacio

Corsica loves its citadels, and Bonifacio is no exception. Bursting at its beautiful walled seams with characterful churches, narrow streets and unmissable rampart views, it’s not hard to see why this timeless area is one of the most famous resorts in Corsica. Sitting pretty on the southernmost tip, the fortress town is a shining star of the Mediterranean – which is no mean feat considering the glitz and glamour of the competition. A stone’s throw from Sardinia, Bonifacio feels more Italian than French. The two islands are kissing distance from one another, which means you can pop over for pranzo (lunch) and be back in time for dinner. Pure bliss! Oozing charm and character, Bonifacio is a delightful destination just waiting to be discovered. A popular place for villa holidays, experience elegance and luxury amidst rich history and cultural treasures. Visitors who enjoy the great outdoors are in for a real treat too. Limestone cliffs overhang glistening seas, honeycombed with hidden grottoes and rugged rock formations. There’s plenty of options to stretch your legs here, with trails leading you across the clifftops and along the captivating coastline. If you’d rather find your sea legs, boat trips run regularly from the harbour. Some of the best sights are found from the water – so kick-back and relax on a catamaran as you drink in the craggy coastal views.

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  • In the area

    Your new surroundings are waiting to be explored! There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

    Food & Dining

    Corsican ham, cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits, wine... the list is not exhaustive! The island offers a lot of dishes inspired by fresh and tasty Mediterannean products locally grown (tomatoes, zucchini, figues...) but also products specific to Corsica and its inland mountain culture such as herb-fed veal, boar, brocciu, etc. Try the Cap Corse, the typical Corsican "aperitif", a very sweet liqueur perfect to start the meal.


    Bonifacio's nightlife is mainly the bars and restaurants that line the harbour, with some staying open until the early hours during the summer time.

  • Out and about

    You'll discover a different side to your destination when you venture further afield.


    There are daily boat trips that run from Bonifacio marina to the nearby islands of Lavezzi. You can even take a trip over to Sardinia for lunch as the nearby destination is only 12km away. Many other day sailing trips can be arranged from the marina.

    The old town

    Bonifacio old town is a charming little place with narrow winding cobbled streets where you can find chic boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. There are two ways to get into the old town that it surrounded by the ancient citadel walls. You can either access it by foot from the marina via Montee Rastello and Montee St-Roch steps or during the summer months for a small fee a train runs from the marina up into the old town.


    the teetering ocean side citadel clings to craggy cliffs and might just be the most picturesque place on the entire island.

    Other Places of interest

    Follow the footpath along the top of the cliffs to see breath taking views across Bonifacio and the coast. Perhaps descend the staircase of the king of Aragon. A staircase carved into the side of a limestone cliff. With 187 steps at a 45 degree angle this isn't one for the faint hearted. The story of how the staircase was made is that the army of the king of Aragon Alfonso V carved the staircase in a single night after the unsuccessful siege of Boniface in 1420. In reality it is believed that the staircase was dug by Franciscan monks long before the troops. You can descend the staircase and take a nice stroll along the beach at the bottom before you hike back to the top.


    Natural areas of beauty


    Bonifacio - activities

    Land activities:

    Bike hire, Fishing

    Water activities:

    Jet ski, Wind surfing, Parasailing, Sail boats, Scuba diving, Snorkelling

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