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Villas in Armamar

Surrounded by sloping vineyards and colourful fruit trees, the small town of Armamar, is a fine example of picturesque communities within the Douro. The Church of São Miguel, allegedly built with the stones of the old castle, provides an interesting focal point to the town. But perhaps more captivating are the view points found around the Municipality of Armamar, which overlook some of the best landscapes in the Douro region. In particular, the viewpoint of São Domingos offers a stunning view over the imposing Marão Mountain, the city of Lamego and the River Douro. Here you will find a a handful of good restaurants serving local cuisine whilst nearby Régua provides excellent dining opportunities of international cuisine.

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  • 1 hr 40 minsfrom Porto Int

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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Armamar

To indulge in some real local specialties in the Douro Valley region try some of the wonderfully tasting meat dishes, some popular choices are roasted baby goat, wild boar stew and partridge. Fish dishes are also divine as the fish is caught from the Douro river, these are oozing in flavors and are accompanied by freshly grown vegetables. Be sure to try some of the famous ports and wine of the Douro Valley, these are a great way to wash down these delightful dishes.

Restaurant Types

  • Local/Traditional

Nightlifein the area of Peso da Regua

Nightlife at Armamar

Peso da Regua is the ideal choice for spending the evening over a good meal and a sampling a glass of locally produced wine, with a good choice of restaurants on offer.

Shops & Facilities

Food Shopping

  • Mini market
  • Patisserie
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Excursions and Places of Interest

Armamar - excursions


A region full of vineyards, Douro Valley is the ideal place to visit if you enjoy good wine, with many wine tours available in various wineries.


From Peso da Regua, around a 20 minute drive from Armamar, catch a boat down the Douro river, usually running daily and taking a 50 minute journey to Pinhao.

Other excursions

Casa de Mateus

Visited by many for its fantastic baroque architecture and beautiful gardens, Casa de Mateus is located around a 30 minute drive from Armamar. Daily tours are available for those wishing to soak up the beauty of this impressive Portuguese country house.

Other Places of interest


Situated around a 30 minute drive from Armamar, Lamego is a beautiful town of historical and cultural importance within the Douro Valley where the buildings are elegant and the streets are laced with pavement cafés. Although sometimes a quiet place, every September, thousands of people flock to Lamego on an annual pilgrimage to the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church. Over six hundred granite steps lead up to the entrance of this marvelous Baroque building, each staircase lined with decorative tiles, statues and fountains. Once you reach the top though, a rewarding sight awaits you as the twin-towered church commands unbeatable views over the town below.

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