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Villas in Sasovici, Herceg Novi Region 2022/2023

Sasovici is a quiet little haven offering luscious landscapes and stunning surroundings, ideal for those in search for pure relaxation and to experience the great outdoors. With plenty of sunshine on this south facing side of the bay and beautiful scenery it is an ideal place for hiking, cycling and walking! Get a real taste of the Mediterranean vibe and try out some traditional Montenegrin cuisine in the local restaurants. This area is renowned for its fresh seafood, vegetables and greenery spiced with the tantalising tastes and aromas of the Adriatic. Offering a peaceful setting, beautiful scenery and local cuisine, Sasovici is a great choice to experience true Montenegrin lifestyle lapped in long summer days lounging without a care in the world.

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  • Transfer time 55 mins transfer
    from Dubrovnik

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  • In the area

    Your new surroundings are waiting to be explored! There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

    Food & Dining

    Montengrin cuisine is very natural and simple, taking key ingredients fresh from the land and sea. The food is fresh, organic and flavorsome. If you want to sample something truly Montengrin, try the prsut smoked ham (pršut), Njeguški cheese and Skadar Lake dishes, such as eel and smoked carp.


    Being a small village, Sasovici is not a spot for nightlife, but for relaxing on your villa holiday. Head to Herceg Novi if you're looking for an evening of entertainment.

  • Out and about

    You'll discover a different side to your destination when you venture further afield.


    The country’s mild climate ensures excellent conditions for wine production, and as a result it is a prime location for wine tourism. From their vranac wines to classic chardonnays and merlots, Montenegro produces a selection of vintages not to miss.The small yet stunning Castel Savina is the perfect setting for sampling a tipple or two.


    Being close to the sea, there are day trips that can be taken by boat.

    Natural areas of beauty

    Sasovici a great location for experiencing the great outdoors. The area offers a range of tracks perfect for enjoying the beautiful nature by bike or on foot!

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  • Golf Courses in Sasovici

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