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Villas in Victoria

The Gozitans call the charming capital of Gozo ‘Rabat’, its original name before the British Governor changed it in 1897 to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Above the town the impressive citadel is a marvelous place to wander around, with its narrow alleys, rampart walls and panoramic views over Gozo. This fortified city is home to a few residents, historically fascinating museums, cafes and shops. Down the hill is Independence Square or It-Tokk where you can stock up on supplies such a towels, sun hats and local crafts in the market or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere in one of the many outdoor cafes.

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  • 2 hrsfrom Malta

Food & Dining

Food and dining at Victoria

Street food must be sampled during the Festas, such as imqaret (date pastries), qubbajt (nougat), ross fil-forn, (baked rice), imqarrun (baked macaroni) or timpana (pasta baked in a pastry case). Rabbit and meat stew is very popular, followed by a delicious selection of desserts including figolli (almond stuffed pastry), qaghaq tal-ghasel (honey rings), cassata, (ricotta filled sponge with marzipan) or kannoli, (ricotta-filled fried pastries). The Gozitan people also love their strong coffee accompanied by a sweet biscuit!

Restaurant Types

  • A La Carte
  • Fine Dining
  • Buffet
  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional


Nightlife at Victoria

Although Gozo is a relaxed island, a few clubs can be found in the capital. The Gozitan way of life is traditionally slow-paced and so many enjoy the evening at a good local restaurant with a bottle of wine. there are many restaurants and bars to choose from in the city centre, suitable for all tastes. As a cultural hub, theatre and recitals are very popular in the area, and you can often find a jazz concert or play going on in one of the theatres or churches.

Shops & Facilities

General Services

  • Tourist information
  • Post office
  • Foreign exchange
  • Banks
  • Police station
  • ATM's

Food Shopping

  • Baker
  • Mini market
  • Supermarket


  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital

High Street

  • Boutiques
  • Jewellery
  • International clothing
  • ATM's


  • Food
  • Local crafts
  • Souvenirs


  • Beauty salon
  • Hairdresser

Excursions and Places of Interest

Victoria - excursions


The Massar Winery in Xaghra is family-run, where you can take a tour round the estate, taking in the beautiful scenery and afterwards sampling the delicous local wine.

Churches / Cathedrals

You simply cannot miss the stunning Cathedral overlooking Victoria, with the accompanying museum with more than 2000 items on display. The 'Citadel' is known to be the 'crown of Gozo' , built around 1500 BC!

National parks

The mysterious Ggantija Temples in Xaghra, Gozo, were believed to be built by giants! They are the oldest temples in the world with no real evidence as to how and why they were built.


Victoria - activities

Land activities:

Cycle route

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