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The Greek Islands - Isles with a holiday appeal like no other

We have villas on eleven Greek Islands, perfect for exploring idyllic scenery and bustling resorts, beautiful beaches and absorbing history. Visit the mountains on Lefkas for stunning views over the sparkling waters towards neighbouring islands, or enjoy the wonderful sandy beach at Skala in Kefalonia – whatever type of holidaymaker you are, the Greek Islands have something for everyone.

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Kefalonia - Picturesque landscapes and Grecian charm

Our Greek villas in Kefalonia have been selected for their proximity to the best beaches. Many are located in the scenic countryside just a few minutes' drive from the main resorts, while a small number are set on the southern tip of the island, perched in dramatic cliff-top locations. For a twin centre holiday, Ithaka is a short boat trip away and offers a fabulous destination for those looking for something at a slower pace of life.

  • 5mins - 1hrfrom Kefalonia

Rhodes - A historical legacy and charm like no other

We are delighted to offer new villas on the east coast of Rhodes – one of the most picturesque, peaceful and fascinating areas on this Greek Island. Many of our holiday villas in this region can be found just outside the enchanting town of Lindos, with a small selection located only a short drive away.

  • 12mins - 1hr 30minsfrom Rhodes

Skopelos - Make your own Greek odyssey

An island with a discerning image, the rugged coastline combines with a lush, green interior. Hillsides are dotted with domes of churches and monasteries - there is said to be one for every day of the year - and there are many pleasant walks to be had.

  • 1hr 45mins - 2hrsfrom Skiathos

Paxos - Poised, pristine and untouched

The enchanting island of Paxos, lies just ten miles south of Corfu in the Ionian sea. As the island has no airport and is only accessible by boat, Paxos has managed to retain a unique unspoilt image, blessed with a breathtaking landscape of olive groves and lush greenery as well as a dramatic coastline of coves, bays, grottoes and quiet beaches. The three main villages offer genuine Greek hospitality and charm, making this tiny island an idyllic place for a relaxing holiday.

  • 2hrsfrom Corfu

Ithaka - Natural beauty and utter relaxation

Accessed only by boat from nearby Kefalonia, the tranquil island of Ithaka boasts a mountainous landscape and secluded bays with crystal clear waters lapping its unspoilt shores. A perfect bolt-hole for those looking to escape the crowds, its quiet beaches, sleepy villages and welcoming tavernas make for a wonderfully laid-back, relaxing holiday.

  • 1hr 30minsfrom Kefalonia

Meganissi - An isle of mystique and authenticity

Located close to the island of Lefkas and accessible by boat into the picturesque harbours of Vathi and Spartohori, Meganissi is a spectacular island of beauty, tranquilty and unquestionable charm. The rich green hillsides and honeycomb cliffs, lapped by crystal clear waters offer an ideal setting for romance or for those who just simply wish to get away from it all.

  • 1hr 30minsfrom Preveza

Skiathos - Stray off the tourist trail

Skiathos is an island ripe for exploration, with sandy beaches, great walking and cycling trails and a variety of historical sites. The winding streets of Skiathos Town are bursting with life, and offer numerous eateries. Our villas are set on a hillside close to the town, providing the perfect setting for an evening stroll.

  • 15minsfrom Skiathos

Your Greek Islands Villa holiday

The Greek Islands offer an unrivalled selection of different villa holidays to suit all tastes. There are many diverse islands to explore, each with their own unique charm.

At James Villas, we have a huge selection of self-catering private villas with their own pools on many of the Greek Islands – what better place to take in the scenery and soak up the famed laidback ambience?

If you are looking for glorious sunshine, idyllic beaches and mouth-watering Mezes then you will find it on one of the Greek Islands. Whether you want a secluded family villa in the hilltops, a peaceful countryside retreat, a luxury private villa, or perhaps to be as close to the beach as possible, you will find what you are looking for when you rent a villa with James Villas. With flight times of just three to four hours, all the islands are within easy reach.

Not to be missed...

  • Explore Phaistos Palace - an amazing archaeological site in Crete.
  • Enjoy a boat trip to Smuggler’s Cove in Zakynthos for out this world views and crystal clear water.
  • Visit the pretty town of Lindos, which is one of the most picturesque resorts on the Island of Rhodes.
  • Explore the islands on horseback; you can go horse-riding on many of the islands through a range of terrains, from beaches to forests.
  • Wander round Corfu old town and discover its palaces, fortresses and ancient sites.

About The Greek Islands

About The Greek Islands Image

The Greek Islands are blessed with dazzling natural beauty, a very warm climate, stunning beaches and inviting turquoise seas. It’s no surprise that these islands are so popular, as they have so much to offer. Choose what type of villa holiday you want and find an island to suit your needs. Enjoy watersports, history, glorious beaches and vibrant nightlife on many of these magical islands.

The cuisine is another reason why so many holidaymakers return to the islands year after year. They have all the traditional Greek dishes we know and love, such as Beef Stifado, Lamb Kleftiko, Moussaka and an endless selection of tasty Mezes. The food on the Greek Islands is simply irresistible.

The islands in the west are lush and green, whereas those located in the southeast tend to be dry and rocky. For a beach holiday of a lifetime, you might want to consider renting a villa in Crete or Kefalonia, or for history and picturesque towns, try Rhodes. If you want to get away from the crowds then Ithaka or Paxos are wonderful choices with their secluded bays, peaceful villages and relaxed way of life. Those who enjoy exploring will love Skiathos with its winding trails and fantastic walking routes.

When to go to The Greek Islands

When to go to The Greek Islands Image

Greece benefits from an idyllic climate and lovely hot summers. The islands tend to get extremely warm in the summer months with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 30s in August. The weather is a little less intense in May, June, September and October, with the islands varying in temperature slightly depending on their location.

Cultural highlights

The Greek Islands Cultural Highlights Image

Another reason why the Greek Islands attract so many visitors every year is because of their impressive landmarks and ancient sites. They have a rich history and many fascinating ruins and tourist attractions to discover. Greece has more archaeological museums than anywhere else in the world and the islands are packed with ancient ruins. There’s the acropolis in Rhodes, the Palace of Knossos in Crete and the Asklepieion in Kos, to name a few, and plenty more to see and do on your holiday with James Villas.

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