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Villas in Aselinos, Skiathos 2022/2023

This area is situated directly behind Meghalos Aselinos Beach and is reached via a lane flanked by groves of olives and trees. The beach offers a laid back taverna which is open during the day.

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  • In the area

    Your new surroundings are waiting to be explored! There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

    Food & Dining

    Fresh fish, Stifado beef, Kleftiko/Mansaka lamb, pork and chicken kebabs, Pastitsia pasta. Mythos/Amstel/Fix beer and Retsina wine.

    Nightlifein the area of Skiathos Town

    Vibrant Skiathos Town is a popular for evening entertainment offering an array of places to eat and drink. Relaxing bars and traditional taverna’s cram the waterfront, where you can enjoy views of the colourful fishing boats, the Bourtzi fortress or just simply watch the world go by. For a memorable night, it is well worth visiting the cocktail bars at the old port, with cushioned stone stairs used for evening seating, creating a relaxed summer vibe! For those that like to dance the night away, you will find several night clubs open from midnight, located at the far eastern side of the harbour.

  • Out and about

    You'll discover a different side to your destination when you venture further afield.


    Water taxis – various boat-caiques, which serve as taxis, can take you to lots of different areas of the island and beautiful isolated beaches (Castro, Lalaria, Aselinos, Kechria), as well as uninhabited islands like Tsoygkrias, or the neighbouring Sporades islands of Skopelos and Alonissos. If you’re lucky enough, you may even see dolphins travelling around Skiathos.

    Natural areas of beauty

    Skiathos is one of the examples of Greece’s natural beauty. The island is very small in size, no more than 50 square kilometers in area, but is unmatchable in natural beauty and spectacular beaches.

    Sea caves – close to the beach of Lalaria are two beautiful sea caves, Skotini and Galazia, on the northern coast of Skiathos. Skotini spilia (dark cave) is characterised by its low and narrow entrance where only a boat can pass through. Galazia spilia (blue cave) is bigger in size, compared to Skotini cave, and its breath-taking reflections on the rocks and rare beauty are quite mesmerising.

    Koukounaries Forest – situated close to Koukounaries beach begins a scenic pine forest, which is popular among hikers.

    Regions to visit

    Kastro – At the most northern point of Skiathos, set atop a rocky cliff, are the remains of the medieval town of Kastro with breathtaking views really worth to be seen. The natural fortress was used by inhabitants in the 14th century as a refugee against pirate raids and today, Kastro attracts many visitors thanks to its natural beauty.

    The old town

    The capital town of Skiathos is a modern resort and relatively new. It is assumed to have been built around 1829-30. The town’s most important landmark is its natural harbour. Today it is a popular yacht and sailing boat haven that adds a cosmopolitan flair to the island.


    The island is home to a single museum but many ancient sites to explore.

    Alexandros Papadiamantis – learn about the life and see the former house (now museum) of the famous Greek author, Alexandros Papadiamantis, who was born and raised on the island. Located in Skiathos Town, the house was turned into a museum following his death in 1911, including all his personal belongings, writings and folklore items. See perfect examples of the traditional 19th century architecture, as well as many items from his personal collection.

    Churches / Cathedrals

    The Monastery of Evangelistria - is located at the foot of Mount Karaflytzanaka and is the only monastery presently active in Skiathos. situated approximately 4km north of Skiathos Town.

    The monastery of Panagia Kounistra - lies in the middle of a pine forest, about 13 km from Skiathos town, on the way to the small Aselinos beach. The 17th century monastery has a great significance in the religious life of the locals.


    Skiathos Town is one of the most picturesque towns in the Greek islands. The port charms visitors with its traditional whitewashed houses with red tiled roofs, old churches and narrow alleys.

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