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Villas in Ladiko, Kalithea

This tiny fine sandy cove is a hidden gem on the Eastern coastline of Rhodes. Crystal clear emerald waters make it popular for snorkelling with sun beds and umbrellas dotted all over the beach and rocks. There is a small taverna /coffee bar for a snack or lunch and a small jetty for boats to dock for a couple of hours and everyone chill out. Next to Ladiko Bay is Anthony Quinn Bay, made famous by the Actor who purchased it in the Sixties whilst making the film "The Guns of Navarone". This miniature cove has lush vegetation surrounding it making the waters a deep green and there is a small cantina and pine trees reaching right down to the shoreline.

  • 40 minsfrom Rhodes

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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Ladiko

The cuisine of Rhodes is based like most Greek cuisine, on fresh ingredients, with fresh fish especially popular, caught that day and brought to the table with olive oil and lemon, situated preferably by the sea. Grilled meat is also popular as are the favourites of moussaka and dolmades. For the more adventurous, octopus, olives and ouzo are three staple accompaniments in the meze dishes, the Greek answer to tapas.

Restaurant Types

  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional


Nightlife at Ladiko

Very quiet with some restaurants serving drinks.

Shops & Facilities

General Services

  • Petrol station

Food Shopping

  • Mini market

Excursions and Places of Interest

Ladiko - excursions


Cair is located just outside of Rhodes town. The label of Cair has become the synonym of Greek Natural Sparkling Wine of Quality.

Anastasia Triantafillou winery is a small traditional local winery close to Petaloudes ("The valley of Butterflies").

Emery is a modern winery in the village of Embonas and in the area you will also find some smaller traditional winemakers: Kounakis, Alexandris, Merkouris


Leisurely day cruises are available from Pefkos shows you the amazing coastline of Rhodes and incorporates St Pauls Bay, Paradise Rocks, Navarone, Red Beach, Haraki, Vlycha and St Nicolas.

A wide choice of boat excursions are available from Rhodes Town.

Book a full day cruise to Symi island, a little boutique island next to Rhodes with a stop at the beautiful bay of Panormitis to see the 17th century’s monastery

Or take a day trip to Turkey and a visit to the famous Marmaris bazaar. Submerge yourself in the oriental atmosphere, revel in the culture, experience the Turkish cuisine and enjoy the sweet delights of Turkey.

Natural areas of beauty

The wonder of Prasonisi where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet is one of the most impressive beaches on the island, the strong winds on Prasonisi beach make it a surfer’s paradise.

Botanical gardens

Valley of the Butterflies is a unique nature reserve found inland n the south east side of Rhodes. This is one of the most attractive destinations on the island and every year during August, thousands of butterflies overwhelm the valley in order to reproduce. Enjoy he peaceful walk through the shaded, green valley with its small river and beautiful waterfalls.

Attraction parks

The Aquarium of Rhodes host different kinds of sea species such as sea turtles, dolphins, sharps, seals, mollusks, echinoderms, crabs and many kinds of fish. Apart from these tanks, there is also a big underground area that serves for stocking new species or sea animals that need special treatment and protection. This place is frequently used to hospitalize sea turtles and seals from the nearby waters.

Water Parks

At the impressive Faliraki Water Park you can enjoy water slides, a lazy river, black holes, rafting slides, the giant slide, kamikaze slides, a huge wave pool, an aqua-gym, cafes and much more. The water park is suitable for everyone with a part of the water park especially designed for children

The old town

Exploring Rhodes Town you will find the most well preserved medieval town in Greece, listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Steeped in history, explore cobbled streets and follow the old city walls, stroll down the Street of the Knights, admiring its medieval buildings with their impressive facades and see the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. The vibrant side of the New Town is also a must as it is also the centre if the islands contemporary life full of shops, cafes, restaurants and buzzing with bars and clubs,

Lindos is set into a hillside and is flanked by several wonderful beaches, three harbours, the sublimely lovely St Paul’s Bay to its south, and the awe-inspiring Acropolis and Knights’ castle atop of the 105 m high crag that looks over the village and is visible for miles around. The alleyways teem with shops offering porcelain, woven rugs, leather, jewellery, pottery, lace, and paintings. There are influences here of Venetian, Roman, Byzantine, Moorish, Saracen, and Ottoman occupation, all of which serve to give Lindos its distinctive flavour and atmosphere.


The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in the Old Town of Rhodesin the medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights, in the Palace of the Grand Master.

Churches / Cathedrals

The most famous Orthodox monastery of Rhodes is Panagia Tsambika located in Archangelos village. Although tiny, the monastery lies in two sites, one is perched on top of a high cliff and the other one stands at one side of the road of the settlement.

War memorials

The Rhodes War memorial stands on the waterfront in Rhodes Town close to the entrance of Mandraki Harbour and commemorates those who were "Killed for the Liberation of the Islands of the North and South Aegean during the years 1943-1945".


The Venetian castle of Monolithos lies about 236m high on an amazingly difficult natural terrain which made its construction even more challenging. Today only some external parts of the fortifications remain but what is worth embarking on the attempt to climb the steep hill are the magnificent whitewashed churches and the breathtaking view of the village of Monolithos and out to the Aegean Sea.


Rhodes old town dominates the Palace of the Grand Master, built in the 14th century, while of outstanding interest is the Street of the Knights where buildings have been perfectly restored, to preserve their original medieval form.

Rhodes is an island with great archaeological interest that reflects in many of the ancient settlements like the Acropolis of Lindos, a strong city preched on top of a rock. Various examples of genuine traditional settlements with whitewashed houses, mansions and cobbled paths can be seen like Kamiros and Archangelos. The cultural heritage of Rhodes island is widespread in every corner of the island and visitors will have the chance to experience a lovely journey back in time.

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