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Villas in Panteleimonas

Panteleimonas is a village with three heartbeats. The Palios, Neos and Paralia areas each offer those who visit something entirely different from the last. Firstly, the charming and historic Palaios – sitting pretty in the hills with stunning vistas over the Olympus Riviera at just 3 kilometres from the coast. Within the narrow cobbled streets the traditional village lifestyle still exists here. Next is "Neos" - set just behind the Platamon castle and home to most of the locals enjoying a handful of tavernas, cafés and bars. Last but by no means least is the area of Paralia, the name meaning beach. So where better to find our Panteleimonas villas than here? This coastal area boasts a long sandy beach and a quaint village centre with a selection of amenities. A villa holiday in Panteleimonas offers up the best of bold worlds for those wishing to readily explore the delights the Olympus Riviera from a relaxed village setting, close to everything you need. Panteleimonas is the sweet spot between Leptokarya and Platamon, and our villas are the icing on the cake.

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  • Transfer time 1 hr 20 mins transfer
    from Thessaloniki
  • In the area

    Your new surroundings are waiting to be explored! There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

  • Out and about

    You'll discover a different side to your destination when you venture further afield.

    Natural areas of beauty

    Take a journey to the truly breath-taking UNESCO heritage site of Meteora, where you'll find impressive monasteries on the top of the rock towers that sit high above the lovely city of Kalampaka.

    The old town

    Palaios Panteleimonas, small mountain village, cobbled streets and quaint restaurants


    Litochoro Maritime Museum

    Churches / Cathedrals

    Old Monastery of St. Dionysius

    National parks

    The famous Mount Olympus National Park is the number one place to explore in this area of Greece. Its mountains known throughout Greek mythology as the home of the gods, each year people visit Olympus for its beautiful fauna and to tour the spectacular slopes and peaks.


    Platamonas Castle

  • Beaches in Panteleimonas

  • Golf Courses in Panteleimonas

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