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Your Kefalonia Family Holiday

'Kefalonia's natural beauty is breathtaking. Its green interior seems to merge seamlessly with the Ionian Sea. You'll also find an island brimming with culture - as picturesque villages and traditional architecture help you travel back in time. Use your imagination and you'll get a glimpse into the island's past.'

Read that to your children and they'll probably be bored before you even finish your first sentence. The good news is that there's plenty of things to do in Kefalonia for families. You'll find our useful guide below.

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Kefalonia - Things to Do for Families

Man and woman sea kayaking

Kayaking Around the Coastline

Try your hand at sea kayaking in Kefalonia with your family. The island's waters are calm - so you'll'll find it more enjoyable than exhausting. You might not wear your little ones out, but at least they won't be complaining that they're tired!

Exploring the caves and beaches should help satisfy their sense of adventure. You'll find them hidden and tucked away in the coastline. They'll probably even spot some of Kefalonia's popular sights from their Kayak! Sightseeing without even realising it, meaning you won't be moaned at for dragging them round yet another monument.

Foki beach in Kefalonia

Your Snorkelling Safari

Your underwater adventure is just waiting to begin! So grab your snorkels and head to one of Kefalonia's unspoiled beaches. The crystal-clear waters are shallow and warm, the perfect environment for exploring beneath the surface. The island's northern tip is ideal for families. Its sheltered bays are tucked away among oak and pine trees - perfect playgrounds for you and yours. Your kids will love exploring the reefs and spotting colourful fish that call the Ionian Sea home.

Young woman waterskiing in the sea

Riding the Waves with a Watersport

If you're visiting with young thrill seekers, Kefalonia's watersports might be just the excitement they need. How about an afternoon of adrenaline learning how to water ski? Or perhaps riding the waves on a banana boat sounds better? Just remind them to hold on tight! The good news is that you'll find watersports dotted around Kefalonia, so finding the right one for your family is easier than you might think.

Two people horseriding on a beach at sunset

Horsing Around

Let's face it, admiring the scenery probably isn't your teenager's idea of fun. But maybe they'll find exploring the island more interesting on horseback? They'll love the physical nature and challenge of learning to ride a horse. Galloping along beaches, or guiding their way around the steep coastal paths.

They'll be in safe hands if you choose to take a day tour. Plus, they'll even have the option of heading up into the mountains or visiting Kefalonia's caves and lakes. Fun for all ages, its perfect for your Kefalonia family holiday.

The view from Mount Aenos

The Tour de Kefalonia

If you're more comfortable on 2 wheels than 4 legs, discover Kefalonia by bike. Your kids might enjoy the difficulty of some of the longer coastal paths. Plus they won't be able to complain about yet another long walk! Argostoli to Fiskardo might seem a little tough, but you'll be rewarded with magnificent views. Panoramas of coastal towns and charming harbours await those of you who are prepared to pedal. This 50 kilometre ride will really test any keen young cyclists. So you can expect to see plenty of smiles and a real sense of accomplishment as they complete this route.

Do your kids love a challenge? The intensity and physicality of Skala to Mount Aenos should be ideal for them. Be warned, the ride will take several hours – but at least you might finally tire them out. You'll find great conditions until you reach the island's only national park, where the paths become a little trickier. The views when you all reach the top will make it seem worthwhile. Craggy cliffs, forests and turquoise waters make for an incredible vista.

Crystal-clear waters and boats in Fiskardo

See Kefalonia from the Sea

Explore secluded coves and bays your own way – you're the captain now! With your little ones acting as your reliable mini first mates. Hiring a boat will give your family the freedom to explore, which they're likely to love. Stop and swim whenever you like. Why not pack the snorkels for more underwater escapades? Help satisfy their sense of adventure, as you find beaches and coves that can only be reached by boat. Lay claim to your own stretch of shore on your Kefalonia family holiday!

We Love Kefalonia Family Holidays

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