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Greece Family Holidays

The other-worldly charms of Mainland Greece and its islands have long been topping many travellers' bucket lists. A cultural treasure chest of mythology and ancient landscapes meet raw and wild beauty with spellbinding seduction. Of course, that's just the tip of the historical temple – holidaymakers can embark on every kind of getaway imaginable in Greece. Whether you've set your heart on days by the glittering sea, or conquering majestic mountains, there's something for everyone. Greece family holidays are an open invitation to fun in the sun, and they're nothing short of a-meze-ing.

Why Greece for families?

Greece is often hailed as one of the best countries in the world for travelling with children. Sun-kissed shores make it a winning family fun destination throughout the seasons. Temperatures get extra toasty in the height of summer, with highs of 30°C and counting. Melting from one day to the next, fabulous weather in July and August can only mean one thing – beach days aplenty! Spring and Autumn are ideal for venturesome families, with cooler climes making it more comfortable to get outdoors and explore. In September, warm waters are perfect for little paddlers and sea temperatures average a delightful 24°C.

Getting to Greece is a breeze from the UK, with flight times ranging from three to four hours. You and your over-excited kids will be wheels down before you know it, and thanks to the country's popularity – there's a huge range of dates and airports available. Once arrived, you'll experience the famous Greek hospitality first-hand. Warm and welcoming, they'll likely coo over your clan any chance they can! Feel free to stop locals and ask them for any insider tips – they'll gladly oblige. One of the safest destinations in all of Europe, enjoy carefree evening strolls and lap up the laidback lifestyle.

Family Holidays in Mainland Greece

If you're after uninterrupted quality time and a true 'get away from it all' experience – head for Greece's understated mainland. Often overlooked, here you'll discover laid-back living at its low-key best. A diverse destination with all kinds of family fun at your fingertips, enjoy a slow pace as you step into the past. Peloponnese is a playground for kids, with plenty of historical sites great for all ages. Remnants of ancient civilisations reveal moments stuck in time, from the famous cities of Sparta and Olympia, to lesser known remains peppered across the landscape.

The Peloponnese peninsula is a paradise for outdoorsy types, so when you're done with history hunting, chase a different kind of holiday high. Networks of nature trails weave through luscious forests and snake up to mountain summits. What goes up, most come down – so be sure to stop in at the Caves of Diros. Captivating caverns stretch 15km into the rock, with over 2,800 waterways spreading out. Take a boat trip through the underground river routes and stare in awe at the jaw-dropping stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the spectacular cave complex.

From South to North, Halkidiki is heaven for holidaymakers. Home to Greece's longest coastline, the region boasts over 50 beaches flying the coveted Blue Flag. Great news for parents with little ones who love sun, sand and sea! Wonderful watersports will entertain everyone, from snorkelling and swimming to windsurfing and paddleboarding – dive in to endless family fun! Of course, exquisite Epirus and the outstanding Olympic Riviera have lots to offer on the beach front too.

Mother Nature definitely has a soft spot for Mainland Greece, spoiling it with sun-drenched, seductive landscapes as far as the eye can see. The level of natural beauty is like nothing you've ever seen! Dust off your holiday hiking boots, summon the troops and take your little explorers on an intrepid adventure. Covered in hills and mountains, introduce the kids to fresh perspectives and panoramic views that'll open their eyes to the beauty all around.

Family Holidays in the Greek Islands

Gems of the Ionian and Aegean Seas, the Greek Islands are glistening treasures just waiting to be discovered! With so many out-of-this world options, finding the perfect family holiday can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. The truth is, wherever you choose, Greek Island getaways are guaranteed fun in the sun with activities for everyone!

Each island has its own unique allure and charm, from Crete's picture-perfect cities and archaeological sites, to Rhodes' sleepy beachside villages and medieval monuments. Deep-blue seas and wide open spaces are the name of the game, so both water babies and nature loving kids will be well catered for. Ignite imaginations with historic landmarks and fascinating ruins, or introduce the family to new cultures with a trip to the local tavern. Quaint candy-coloured towns and sugar cube villages dot the landscapes – a beautiful backdrop for the family pictures that are bound to end up on the mantle! The holiday might have to come to an end, but the memories will live on forever.

Best Beaches for families in Greece

A family holiday without a beach day is virtually unheard of – especially in Greece! Whether it's craggy cliffs, hidden coves, bustling resorts, golden sands or multi-coloured pebbles, there's not a stone left unturned when it comes to the Greek coastline. Nothing can quite prepare you for the first time your eyes meet the dazzling display of blue and green waters. The rich, iridescent shades could put a peacock's feathers to shame!

There's over 380 Blue Flag beaches and a whopping 14,000km (give or take) of coastline. Some heavenly highlights include Kefalonia's sweeping seascapes. First made famous by 2001's smash hit film, Captian Corelli's Mandolin. The Southern shores of Skala are sandy safe havens, long enough for all kinds of beach goers to co-exist. One end caters for adrenaline junkies, whilst the other is for relaxation and tranquillity.

Zakynthos' north-west coast plays host to the showstopping Shipwreck Beach (otherwise known as Navagio Beach). One of the most photographed places on the planet, set sail for the cove with your kids and feast your eyes on the rusted ship that lays beautifully abandoned on the shore. Crete's exotic offering of Elafonisi Beach is real life heaven on earth. Pink-hued sands are met with shallow waters from the lagoon. There's no sudden drop offs, and the area is protected from the open sea by fortuitous rock formations and little islets. Curious kids will enjoy exploring the small coves and rock pools at the side of the lagoon – their efforts might even be rewarded with octopus sightings!

Family Activities in Greece

As the third most mountainous country in Europe, it'd be a crime not to tear yourself away from the beach towel for at least a day or two. Embark on outdoor adventures and get to grips with Greece's wild side. From cycling to rock climbing and kayaking to canyoning – the country teems with unspoilt natural beauty spots and luscious landscapes. Take a hike in one of Europe's longest ravines, Samaria Gorge, or get a front row seat at the natural phenomenon at Rhodes' 'Butterfly Valley'. A peaceful walk through luscious forests and beautiful waterfalls will lead you to the butterflies mating grounds, where literally thousands of winged wonders camouflage themselves into their surroundings.

Bring history to life for your little ones! Kids will love wandering amongst the many monuments, ancient temples and towers that cover the country. Curious minds will get to experience tales of mythology amidst magical caves and mysterious palaces, as well as getting a hands on history lesson!

We love Greece Family Holidays

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