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Wine Regions of France

With its warm climate and sprawling countryside France is the perfect wine producing (and villa holiday!) destination. From full bodied reds to sumptuously sweet whites, its wine is as diverse as its landscape. And whether you're a certified connoisseur or just happy to try them all, one thing's for sure… you'll be on cloud wine on a getaway to fun-filled France.

A traditional French chateau is surrounded by Provencal countryside and vineyards

Pretty Provence

Famous for its lavender-strewn fields and verdant landscape, Provence is a colourful tapestry of countryside charm. And with an impressive repertoire of red and rosé wines under its belt, there's more than meets the eye! Taking the title of one of the world's largest rosé-producing wine regions it's definitely worth sampling these blush beauties. Favouring a drier taste to the sweet and fruity wines made popular back home, you'll get a real flavour of the local's favourite tipples.

Enjoy a day out on a wine tour of the region and visit the pretty villages along the way. You'll get a taste of the local way life whilst sampling some of the best wines the country has to offer. And with nine wine regions to pick from you'll spend long afternoons with a glass in hand whilst taking in the picturesque panoramas around you. And better still, pick up a bottle and enjoy a glass back at villa… it doesn't get any better than this.

A glass of Rose wine and a plate of cheese are placed on a rustic table

Rural Rhône

Drive into the Rhône valley and you'll soon spot the sprawling vines sweeping across the hilltops as far as the eye can see. You've reached the second largest wine-producing region in France and the panoramas make it well worth the visit. Stretching as far north as Lyon all the way down coastal Camargue, take your pick of vineyards and enjoy classic French countryside as you unwind in style. If these vistas leave you wanting more, then a trip to Gorges de l'Ardèche will more than fit the bill. Known affectionately as the European Grand Canyon, you don't earn a title like that easily. A series of sweeping gorges and winding rivers create an awe-inspiring environment blanketed in gorgeous green treetops. This is the crème de la crème of outdoor adventures.

Back on the wine trail and a visit to Chateauneuf de Pape village is a must when holidaying in the South of France. A quintessential French hamlet made famous for its wine export; its red wine is even described as having a jam-like consistency! If that doesn't tickle your tastebduds, then try the wines made of Grenache grapes – slightly spicy with berry flavours they're definitely a unique taste.

Vineyards backed by mountains in Corsica

Charming Corsica

For such a small island, Corsica certainly makes it mark in the wine world. Inspired by its Italian neighbours the island's winemaking traditions vary greatly to its mainland counterpart. Head to the north and grab a glass of red from the Patrimonio wine region and take in the sprawling views from one of the many wineries. You won't regret making the journey to the top of this island as craggy cliffs and stunning seascapes await.

If white wine is more to your taste then the coastal city of Ajaccio and sample the creamy whites from its many vineyards. Turn your visit into a day trip and explore the island's carefree capital. Get to grips with the history of this mini island with a visit to the French museum or the Maison Bonaparte. One thing's for sure, there's no shortage of seaside restaurants in this charming corner of Corsica so you can sit back, relax and drink in the views with your chosen bottle.

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