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Villas in Vodnjan

On the road from Pula to Rovinj, Vodnjan is a busy little market town rightly known for its selection of renowned restaurants, including reputably the best pizzeria in Istria! There are several shops, bars and restaurants as well as a large supermarket and a chemist. In august the town holds its annual fete and there is a large and lively procession of colourfully dressed music bands through the narrow streets!

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  • 30 minsfrom Pula

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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Vodnjan

Vodnjan is very well known for it's beautiful extra virgin olive oil. It is definitely worth visiting one of the specialist shops in order to taste the many varieties that are available!

Restaurant Types

  • Fine Dining
  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional


Nightlife at Vodnjan

This charming town comes to life at night. There are a great selection of bars and restaurants to choose from, serving delicious food and refreshing drinks throughout the evening.

Shops & Facilities

General Services

  • Post office
  • Banks
  • Petrol station

Food Shopping

  • Mini market
  • Supermarket
  • Green grocer
  • Patisserie

High Street

  • ATM's

Excursions and Places of Interest

Vodnjan - excursions

Natural areas of beauty

Lim Bay.

North of Rovinj, about a 20 minute car-ride away, one of the most beautiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula. Also known under the name of the Lim channel of the Lim fiord. The estuary is rich in fish, and high quality oysters and mussels because of the special conditions of the sea water in the channel.From both sides very steep mountains rise, in some parts even up to 100 meters.

Water Parks


located between Buje and Novigrad is an award-winning waterpark, with pools, flumes, entertainment and eateries. A fun day in the sunshine for all the family.

Regions to visit

Fazana, Pula and Rovijn.

Other excursions

Travel by boat from Rovinj to St. Mark's Square in Venice!

Churches / Cathedrals

If you are interested in Mummies, visit the Baroque 18th-century Church of St. Blaise.

Church of St. Mary Mount Caramel.

Church of St. James

Church of St. Mary traverse

National parks

Excursions are available from the seaside town of Fazana to the Brijuni Islands, a scatter of islands lcoated 6km from the Istrian coast.They are beautiful islands, with stunning sandy beaches and covered in pines and olive groves.

Other Places of interest

Mini Croatia – An Outdoor Gallery.

If you wish to get familiar with, see and tour Croatia, you only need to come to Rovinj, to the Mini Croatia Park and you will be able to get across Croatia in no longer than half an hour or a bit more. The visitors can enjoy a nice walk, passing through Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Karlovac, all the way to Istria, pazin Cave, Lim Channel, Pula Arena and Rovinj's Church of St. Euphemia


Vineyards, The old town


Vodnjan - activities

Land activities:

Bike hire, Cycle route, Horse riding

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