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Villas in Sumartin, Brac

Sumartin is a picturesque fishing town located in one of the coves on the Island of Brac. Nice beaches and crystal clear sea act as an irresistible bait for all of it's visitors. The town offers a museum, small harbour and beautiful church as well as a small handful of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars catering for all your needs. Watch the fishing boats come in, and try the catch of the day in one of the restaurants, or why not purchase it yourself to cook on the barbecue. Located on the island of Brac, Sumartin is accessible via a ferry crossing from Split on the mainland.

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  • 2 hrs 20 minsfrom Split
Sumartin, Brac
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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Sumartin, Brac

Delicious healthy lcoally produced farmed produce is abundant on the island, cheeses, honey, lamb and wine are amongst them.

Restaurant Types

  • Local/Traditional


Nightlife at Sumartin, Brac

Being a tiny little fishing village, Sumartin is more of a simple place with only just a small handful of places to visit. You can walk along the waterfront in the evening and pop iinto the local bar for a drink, however for a livelier scene, you could head to the vibrant town of Bol, a 30 minute drive away.

Shops & Facilities

General Services

  • Tourist information
  • Post office

Food Shopping

  • Supermarket

Excursions and Places of Interest

Sumartin, Brac - excursions


Even though Sumartin is a small port, there are several trips on offer. There are water taxis some other Croatian islands or the mainland, namely Hvar, Vis, Solta, Split and Trogir. You can also rent your own boat to explore the island privately.

Natural areas of beauty

The surrounding area of Sumartin offers some beautiful beaches and hidden beach retreats, both sandy and pebbly with crystal clear water to swim.

Regions to visit

The lively and historical town of Bol, the oldest on the island with its great 10km stretch of beaches. During the summer there are many festivities that take place through the town with music, live performance and good food.

Churches / Cathedrals

As with most towns in Croatia, Sumartin has its own Franciscan monastery and also a very beautiful church of St. Martin, the Saint from where Summartin gets its name.


Sumartin, Brac - activities

Land activities:


Water activities:

Wind surfing, Sail boats, Scuba diving

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